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Thursday, June 7, 2012


The transit took place whilst I was attending the polls for the Recall Election of Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin. We are close to this distant heavenly body. Her influence is supposed to enhance communication, so here goes. What we fail to accept, often with dire consequences, the magnitude of our power to influence change. About 6 BTU per day, just through metabolism, warms the area around us. We eat and excrete, reproduce and die, forever changing the world we leave behind. Venus is one of the most frenetic planets, we are in the closest proximity to this planet that we will be for over one hundred years. The influence that it has on us today, may not return for five generations.

We need to speak from our hearts and persistently for the things that endure. Not the petty whims of what we are told is important, the real stuff, family, education, thrift, and culture are as much a right as a responsibility. supporting local music, local food and honoring the teachers. These things created a nation out of a wide-eyed group of criminals and a few Puritans, who have long since perished. Our future depends on rites of passage, awareness, continued growth and striving toward what we know works, abandoning what is not in service to the greater good and finding the path of least resistance to sustainability.

ECO-Tours involve grappling with questions like, what is the difference between wants and needs, how much does this cost, or where will this end up? We honor the place we are in and all that the moment has to offer, often finding wealth beyond measure outside the boundaries that we are usually comfortable in. We are both giving back and receiving at once, transiting in a way, between source and the world. We take time to distinguish between many courses of action, relative costs and benefits of as many as we can and with practice, we learn to integrate a wealth of knowledge and bring it to bear without thought when we learn the ways of the heart. Love means letting go of fear. If we see the world around us as a buffet, we can never again fear starving in the wilderness. When we learn to make fire, or build shelter, we need not fear exposure. As we give ourselves to the task of planting trees, learning how to make solar energy cost effective, or making pickles, we also find time for refinement of our ideals. Knowing what we want most often takes a meditative and quirt relaxed state, just what the doctor ordered in these trying times.

If you get through northeast Wisconsin, give us a call in advance or let us know when you will be around, we will create a special tour, just for you!

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