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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Preparing for the Equinox

The balance between winter and summer is about to occur in my temperate climate. The ice has gone out of the soil, we received five inches of snow a couple days ago and it is melting from both the bottom and the top. In a couple weeks, the sun will be up exactly twelve hours and down, for the same amount of time for just one day, then, summer will continue to add moments to the brighter side of each day. Many places in my country are about to set the clocks ahead. Originally Daylight Savings Time was intended to save candles by letting Americans retire early, thus reducing the need for artificial light, saving time, resources and money. Today, it is a vestige of the eighteenth century that typically makes no important contribution to our lives. Artificial light is immensely cheaper and electric rates typically drop at night so any benefits have fallen prey to technology.

This year, the Equinox came and went while I was working.
This photo is from last Summer's festival season. I look very much the same, but this week had no hat and dressed all in black to run tower spotlight for Les Miserables. We had French guests at our airbnb during the time I was doing the show and it was just one of many odd coincidences that have taken place already this Spring.

However, the energy of the season is undeniable. I am making new beginnings in several ways, the swollen buds are beginning to break as it were. The sap is running like crazy in the maples and the birds are returning.

One thing I want to remind everyone about is the Earth Charter. The organization spearheading the adoption of it worldwide is at Another invaluable resource is Environmental Working Group (EWG), especially their online resource Skin Deep. There is no better resource for information about commercial personal care items. Finally, check out the app called Buycott, it helps you make sound decisions based on issues that are important to you when you shop.

Native BE-ing

It is well to remember that as the Sun begins the march toward spring and eventual summer, Humanity is turning a corner as well. We have had long dark nights in which we were told that the wealthy were in their station for any number of reasons. We have had a variety of excuses made for the uberwealthy. Like the emperor who wears no clothes, the rich liked anyone who could validate their station, and their defenders and supporters still trump up excuses for them. The rationale for the rich has ranged from claiming lineage from Gods, to being "chosen" by them to rule. Later, when those excuses were discovered to be the furthest things from truth. The 99% were told that these wealthy families had our best interests in mind, that they were smarter or deserved more wealth simply for being "good". They were told that the best and brightest had to be Ivy League or perhaps elevated by genetic aptitude.

This link has been created everyculture to educate and inform.

The link is to a site that describes the Iroquoix Confederacy. They had found a way to be led by a representative democracy. In fact the United States of America based their government design, at least in part on the native, "tribal" form of governance.

One crucial part that was involved in governing the Iroquoix nations was that the Grandmothers were the ones who voted, when the whites stole the idea, they let white, male, mostly wealthy landowners do the voting. Those interests are very different than those of the Grandmothers. Whereas, grandmothers would be best able to identify the hot heads and more sensitive leaders, they are the ones uniquely situated to know the bullies and their victims, who need protection and what investments have the greatest benefit over time. Businessmen on the other hand, can only be interested in their particular portfolio, the value of their holdings, next quarter earnings etc. Grandmothers take a longer view. Seven generations is a thing, not just a saying.

I, for one, am ready to go back to the true American Experiment and I intend to outline it somewhat in this post. We are nearly a generation into this Century, and have hardly been inspired in our treatment of it. I think that it is plain to see, we need a new way of looking at the government and the social, economic, environmental and political landscape we all share. I have a plan to greatly scale down the Federal government and simultaneously restore much more autonomy, character and wealth to states, rather than continuing to encourage money to influence politics, as we do today. This would be accomplished by dividing the U.S. of A. into thirteen bioregions. These would function much like the original thirteen colonies. Congress would be severely reduced in size, but would benefit from the cuts. To make sure that no undue pressure was placed upon these federal representatives, they would not be allowed to entertain the overtures of any paid lobbyists. Instead of fundraising half their time, they would be liberated to interact with constituents, not lobbyists. This way the Federal government could concern itself more with ecological and water conservation, air quality and soil fertility in ways that are important to the stability of the planet, the ability to enhance abundance in each bioregionally distinct area. The way arbitrary lines have been drawn across the nation, there are many places where people have no say over how their water has been treated before it gets to them. By dividing the nation this way, the Senate would be reduced to 26 representatives, two each from the thirteen biregional "colonies", much like the framers wanted. This appeals to the smaller government crowd and changes the dynamic from huge masses of rich white males to a more representative democracy.

 The most vast by land area would be the Mississippi/Missouri/Arkansas basin. The Great Lakes Basin, although it covers parts of eight states, and the entire Great Lakes Watershed is not much bigger than the lakes themselves, (making air quality paramount for that region) would be another of the thirteen. Appalachia/Allegheny mountains a third. Colorado River drainage would be another, The Desert Southwest, The Pacific Northwest, the Intermontane region, the drainage basin of the Great Salt Lake, would constitute four more, bringing us more than halfway with seven bioregionally defined "colonies". Hawaii, with the massive areas of Pacific Ocean would be a state that is also a bioregion, unique in virtually every way, Alaska, the same. Eastern Gulf states would be a bioregion, including westward draining Florida, bringing the total to ten, The eastern seaboard would be split into two zones, bisected between North and South, again based on watersheds, combined with latitude, roughly splitting in half, near Virginia Beach and the area defined by the Rio Grande drainage including the western Gulf of Mexico, would round out the thirteen.

In this re-envisioning, the The U.S. House of Representatives would be, similarly, representatives of more discreet watersheds within the greater whole, primarily as they can be referenced to population as well. Some territories or districts would be large in area, but slight in population but others would have large populations, but still be based on a relatively small watershed. We have seen some of the difficulties that can happen along borders, indeed, tragically they are the invention of humans. Perhaps if we started acting like thirteen colonies again, things would get better.

State boundaries alone currently represent 25,802.4 miles of territory. Even though bioregion boundaries by nature meander more, less than half as many boundary miles would be required to delineate thirteen eco-colonies. The emphasis on bioregions would make explicit the need to reform our geologic, energy, environmental, cultural similarities and to capitalize in regional similarities rather than focusing on being so many, often divisive "states".  Of course, we could retain much higher quality representatives if we had to pay far fewer of them! Again, the goal of limiting our nation to thirteen units of federal governance, which the "conservatives" say that they desire, yet it would emphasize ecology and sustainability as many "liberals" would like. Paring down the numbers of representatives to about half, would yield several benefits. This would greatly reduce or eliminate the need for large subcommittees, The full body would not be nearly as unwieldy as the current one. Instead of having 535 Congressional members, 435 Representatives and 100 senators, the Senators would be reduced to twenty six and the representatives would be capped at 100, allotted based on population of each bioregion.

No bioregion would be allowed fewer than two Representatives. Because of the small numbers of representatives, every effort would be made to insulate them from lobbyists. Because there would be far fewer individuals in Congress, their finances would be far easier to inspect/audit. There is absolutely no reason but for greed and deceit, that someone making a couple hundred thousand dollars per year on a government salary should be becoming a multi millionaire on side deals and golden parachutes from industry. We are even seeing pre-employment pay-outs for services to be rendered in the future, this is not the American Way. I have spoken with thousands of individuals who agree, the system as it is formulated today is severely broken and these changes address many of the concerns people have about how far awry our government has drifted. Not only would there be a stipulation preventing those who had served in government from taking positions in the very industries they had formerly regulated, but there would be limitations on corporate executives being s"elected" to serve in government. There need to be, with this new approach, strong campaign finance regulations helping to keep the corporate beggars away from our representatives. Many have proposed these sorts of things in the past, but we need to assure that our elected representatives are free of corporate allegiance and needless interference from the influence of lobbyists. There are 18 major river basins in the 48 states of the contiguous US, but much of the map is dominated by the massive catchment area for the Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas rivers, as seen in pink

Clarity Of Purpose

Without a true sense that we are exhibiting, upholding, or helping to create a worth-while part of the environment in which we find ourselves, we are like ships, untended and without  adrift. In our part of the universe, it is only a matter of time before things start to destructive. For some, their dedication to family makes that group better off, so that can be something to help hold you to admirable standards. sometimes the things we deem a moral or societal 'good" can get us through.others, for completely identical reasons will forge alliances to further causes and that assures them that they are part of something more sublime than a single lifetime. how we reach out to grasp hand holds on each of our environments, may differ, but it always satisfies a basic human need. to feel part of something greater.

I saw a phenomenal video that included most of two breasts, during feeding time. It certainly was not pornographic, but it was something I had seen many times before. Bare chested nursing allows the child to individuate and assure themselves of hundreds if not thousands of discreet elements. The assurance that nursing gives children, at first is mostly about the mouth and the other nipple is not as important, but the fingering of the second nipple by the child reminds them that their realm extends further than their own mouth. Too many powerful people today have not been assured of that enough. I have no proof that they were "cut off" too soon, or if they were born in the time when doctors were really pushing formula, but I digress. Knowing the hand is capable of doing the same thing as a mouth, over there, is the beginning of spatially exploring the world.

Parents know that babes often grab at their genitals. I have seen babies that hurt themselves and developed compassion for the nipples they squeezed real fast. again I digress. The educationally important aspects of this video were profound. It does not hurt that I also made contact and became associated with others who are in the pro-intact genitals for all humans demographic. Understanding the perversion of sexual violence that is being inflicted on the majority of boys born in the U.S.A. I have always advocated for leaving boys intact as well as girls. I don't care if you sexually abuse a child strapped down with Velcro, with a sterile knife and with a white coat on, or not, you are a criminal in my book. My purpose is to share as many different avenues to the public to lead back to, explore and realize the true schism between humankind and nature that exists. We can debate endlessly about what issues might need to command our most vigorous activities, but first we must grapple with reality, truth and the very "nature" of what we call being alive, responsible adherents to natural law.

My primary focus is on fusing as many disparate elements into the crucible, each element resonating or emulating a part of the future I envision, forming an amalgam that combines the humanity of not sexually abusing children "for their own good", ever again, ever; Combined with the foresight to look seven generations into the future. If any idea violates the rights of future generations to enjoy the planet like our own ancestors did, it must be rejected. This sort of awareness convinces humanity as a species, that creating waste that will be around for millennea to move some atoms today is a fools bargain. My world has been post nuclear since i learned of this demonic and despotic subsidy of now by sacrificing our collective future. Einstein realized it, almost immediately upon publishing his E=MC2 revolution. that is why he worked to prove the Unified Field the rest of his life, he thought that he could stop people from going nuclear if there were to be proven, mathematically a "god".

My own clarity of purpose developed when I was just young. I realized both the truth of what the scientists and hippies were saying...We are all stardust...and that love is truly the answer. Now, we are poised on the verge of fifty years later and scientists are still having to "prove" that breastfeeding continues to have benefits up to two years, and that the easiest way to turn loving, compassionate, helpful and cooperative children into psychopaths and sociopaths is to abuse and/or neglect them. Can we please just meld these ideas in our minds? Is it too much to ask? Don't hurt anyone is the first and only rule we really ever needed to learn. Pretty much all our other lessons boil down to that.

"Healing the rift between humankind and nature" is how I declared my own purpose when I was just seven years old. I'm nearly into my eighth seven year cycle since then and each time through the wheel, i break off and chew another bolus of years, adding to my repertoire and facility with language, with understanding, with enlightenment. See, teachers never stop learning. i have the same excitement as the seven year old boy when I am studying and learning, that is how my mind reaches out and touches the world around me. The four biochar students that I have had from Africa have taught me as much as I have taught them. Through the technology of the internet, we are brethren in the revolution that is not being televised. for fifty years those who have known the truth have been biding their time, waiting for the world to change as the Gen X anthem said it. The times have changed, and not, for good.

I teach biochar classes to all who are interested. In one sense it is the best way to physically heal the Mother, Earth, from whom all good things flow, and boy do we sure need that now! I am even willing to skype to a group of people and I'm working on a video outlining the process and steps to make fabulous char into boutique biochar. I am also turning every dollar raised by these efforts to me campaign for U.S. House of Representatives, representing Northeast Wisconsin. If you would like to support my campaign for congress, send money through Paypal at account number If you would like to get further information on making biochar, please e-mail me at the same address.


The rapid depletion of fossil carbon requires us to change the way we cope with the world around us. For the last ten years or so, there has been a ramping up of public awareness about the global climate crisis, but even after the record heat that we are experiencing, the cataclysmic weather events and acidification of the world oceans, the oligarchs want us to believe that business as usual is our only option. Some people claim that betting on what has worked in the past is the best way to secure the future even though all the data, the science and the history books are against those presumptions.

The Gaia concept, that all life on the planet is just part of a single living organism called Mother Earth went about as far as a lead zeppelin. To actually accept this as fact and behave appropriately would have crashed too many of the pet projects of those who hold the economic cards. Humans often forget that the largest organism on the planet is a fungus that covers most of North America. We forget that whales are sentient, that our opposable thumb does not separate us significantly from other creatures and many of us have not yet heard that even on the unhealthy soils of today, the ones considered "healthy" are home to enough microbes per acre that in total they add up the the same amount of biomass that is tied up in a cow and her young calf. Truly healthy soil has become a thing of the past. Before the crushing assault of petrochemical agriculture, there may have been ten times, perhaps even one hundred or even a thousand times that much life in the soils. There is no way to turn back the clocks and find out what the planet was like before we started ransacking nature.

There is a rebirth of hope that is taking place among people who are aware of these facts. Massive amounts of money are flowing away from fossil fuel corporations but the largest investors don't have any idea what the next big thing will be. Here at ECO-Tours, we know what it needs to be, but there is no great money to be made at it. What will result from the next big thing, if it occurs at all, will be a transformation to sustainability in which rebuilding soil health becomes a top priority. There are a few tentative steps in the right direction, but by and large, the people with the largest influence over soil health have not yet heard the truth about the land they live on. There has not been a single well in the entire state of Iowa that has not tested positive for nitrates. This fertilizer made for the water table so many years ago and in such quantities that now, there is virtually no way to clean up the mess that has been made by farmers whose soil is as mistreated now as it was during the ten years of the Dust Bowl. Soils that had taken tens of thousands of years to develop blew away in only a decade, primarily because of mechanized agriculture and opening up the great central plains to wind erosion. The reason I make a distinction between dirt and soil is because soils have structural components, ie roots and fungal hyphae that hold the tiny pieces and particles together. many organisms who inhabit healthy soil leave glue-like substances which also hold particles together. The whole becomes stronger as a function of all the parts working together in synergy. Hope is growing as more and more people are beginning to understand that there is a qualitative difference between honoring the soil and exploiting it. Holding on to a fabric of life and healing it, rather than rending it asunder.

I have written about Buckminster Fuller before. His term for design that emulates natural phenomena, utilizing resources elegantly, efficiently meeting needs conservatively and without throughput or waste, he called dymaxion. A hybrid word made up of dynamic, maximum and action. His term is a verb on purpose, steady state or "finished" objects become nouns and for this dynamic system to function as efficiently as possible, with as little waste as possible and to remain dynamic requires growth, change and adaptation, just like any species, our ability to create needs to adapt to changing conditions. The soil organisms show us that holding on is a trait worth understanding.
without billions of organisms per handful, the intact soils that support life on the planet become dirt, devoid of life and unable to support life. Dymaxion design, translated to soil health demands that we reconsider the viability of organisms in community. How to "cultivate" the 85% of all bacteria that are either helpful to humans or at least benign. When we design for aeration, again an active state, we can use the exponential growth of microbes to our advantage.

Many of these design principles are recognized. We are able to "see" things today, through windows to the world, study of advanced physics and fractile geometry that are leading us in important new directions, and expanding our horizons. Transformation, in many ways is requisite to life. Principles of fractile design,  physics continues to teeter on the edge of admitting that the divine has always been best represented by "the cauldron", feminine,  or generative womb,  dymaxion design principles get their dynamism from creative force, translating itself into physical form. It can be difficult to use words to translate relationships that are better left to mathematical probability with authentic language that conveys the true meaning of terms like infinite and/or unimaginable. We can have only proximal knowledge of the tiniest fractions of any whole you attempt to recognize or describe, it is like being Dr. Seuss' proverbial dust speck.

I have been on this planet for over fifty years and have seen plenty of examples of poor management practices. I am sure that everyone has seen them, but if we are seeing with an untrained eye, the results of poor agricultural practices may be invisible to our consciousness. This is the time of year to see the soils clearly. Most have been harvested off, tilled (to be ready for Spring planting) and lying open for casual inspection. In my area, the tops of all the hills and rises have been blown away and resemble rubble piles.

Tenacity is what has allowed me to continue researching those who would poison our water, contaminate the air and defile the soil just to make a buck. Even after being morally injured and outraged, I did not turn my head. Even when I learned that everything we had tried thus far, to reign in this ignorant behavior had not been enough, I still did not turn my head away. Instead, I looked harder for any chinks in the armor of our opponent. It is interesting what I have found.

Variability vs Conformity

We have looked into science fiction conformity, the Borg are just part of a collective. Not a single hint of personality among them. There are religious conformists, ecological conformists, team conformists, music conformists, food conformists and even those who conform to patterns of consumption, deemed appropriate to others, not for any want of it themselves. Oppressed by their similarity as much as their exploitation by industry. conformists typically hate change and just want to be allowed to remain static, along with things around them.

Variability was so much a part of my life while growing up, that it was more ordinary than conformity is for conformists. My parents were theater folks, That means that we could make reality malleable. My folks were members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, intellectuals, Beatniks, We had a copper pond in the entryway and a cork wall for all that is good with the world! Then, my mom became a Hippy, enchanting us with real and imagined trips, some of which scared the evil out of me and my sister.

On an individual level, change and coping with differences may seem difficult when looked at as a single organism. rest assure ,we are not a single organism, but that is for another, perhaps more philosophic time. We are part of a community. That community is sick. Parts of us are impacted by those we may never know. It is the way of the world now. Our environment has both expanded and at the same time, as individuals, we are often isolated, even among friends. I was sitting at the round table we have for breaks at work and I looked around. I was the only one who was not staring intently into a device. I was the variant. The rest were conforming even though one was consuming news, another was crushing candy, someone else was chatting with their daughter and the fourth was hooking up.

Conformists are like cows, content to keep their heads down and graze, no matter how bad the range may be. Variability creeps in when a cow or three instead keep their heads up, looking for danger, smelling for better grass, even though it may be far off, and acting as sentinels to the approach of anything suspicious. on the level of genetics, the conformity is what allows over 90% of all humans to be fully formed at birth and capable of development into functional adulthood. Variability is what occasionally produces savants, renders some unable to use their limbs or obtain the powers of sight or speech. very rarely, a trait that is advantageous makes it through the static of birth defects to become a new part of the human genome, but it is rare. The variability that we see is in a wide range of traits, form sexually expressed ones to abilities and predilections that seem to be innate, spontaneous talents and interests seem a sure result of genetic and environmental conditions, these, by their very nature are nearly infinitely variable.

In our travels we see various climatic conditions which are the conformity and locally distinct areas with different characteristics, like moisture or slope, or depth of topsoil that change not only the character, but the composition of the forests, or glens, grasslands or shrub. To say the surface of the Earth is covered with infinitely variable ecological relationships only begins to make sense when you understand that in every soil, each square yard, different microbes inhabit the soil, and the changes begin at that level, sometimes many inches beneath the surface. The soil microbiome is the conformity, but humans have assaulted and destroyed vast acreages with bad management the variability comes from ecologically sensitive farming that honors the soil microbiome, supporting it in the process of feeding their crops healthy nutrients and minerals. My urgent hope is that one day, soon, this variability will be accepted as sacred, a trust between human-kind and the plant kingdom. I hope that if there is a system of conformity it has got to be built on the foundations of this variability, or any attempted changes will fail.


My readers understand the question of motive. The hippies used to call it turning on, finding what gets your juices flowing. Often, why we act as we do is far more important than what we actually do. It has been said in every age that unjust laws are made to be broken, committing a crime to stop a larger crime from being committed is legal and it has also been recognized that some laws are just made to be broken. I cannot disagree with any of these because I have been brought up in a culture with far too many laws and many have either ceased to be needed or are so willfully disregarded that they have no power to improve or protect our quality of life. There are laws on the books in Madison, Wisconsin, our state capital, that make it a crime to tie your horse up to a parking meter. Most cities require you to clean up horse "apples" that fall onto roads or sidewalks, but for some reason the mounted police are not required to do so. Similarly, pickpockets are not allowed to ply their trade, but when a business imposes additional fees or raises their prices without warning, they are protected. Some of us are obliged to follow the rules, while others are forgiven for the same exact actions.

The obligation that may be required of some is waived for others and expectations frequently depend on such arbitrary factors as your skin color, family status, sexuality, size, sex and most insidiously, one's economic status. These make-believe obligations created and perpetrated by human beings pale in comparison to what I wish to write about in this post. I have always understood that there are obligations that are far more important than those imposed by law or social expectation. Some claim that their "moral code" flows from the importance that they place on their religion, but I have found many of the prohibitions and encouragements or admonitions regarding behavior, made by holy texts are willfully denied or ignored willfully by the very same people who want to quote said books chapter and verse. The human mind is malleable and making a rigid system of laws only assures that some people will operate outside the law. What we do and how we go about it will always be a function of personal choice, however, we are often obliged to behave in ways that are sanctioned by laws, or at least in ways that do not run afoul of the law.

When I signed the social contract, decades ago, working to get and keep a good credit score, paying my taxes, voting, etc. there was some expectation of the system being obliged to offer me services. another very important aspect of obligation. Our nation still has on the books many laws that we are obliged to enforce, but that go overlooked. The revolving door between board rooms of major, regulated industries and so-called "government service". In these relationships the only people who are obliged to be served are the very corporations that government seeks to regulate. Obligation.

Some relatively easy ways to remember the laws that are most important require getting back to basics. Most people will determine the big three to be "First, do no harm.", "Always clean up your mess" and "Treat others as you would like to be treated." Medical doctors have helped to popularize the first one, yet in my country, more people die each year from iatrogenic (doctor caused) disease and illness than die in automobile accidents. If I were to walk around my property, I would find many items that constitute other folks' mess and chances are that when I go forth into the world, I will find several people who will treat me in ways that they would detest if the same were done to them. If we truly were obliged to follow even these three relatively well-established rules, conditions world wide would be improved instantly.

Remember, even a tiny gesture of goodwill multiplied by 7.3 billion souls can create miraculous beneficial change. Surrounded by an aura of recent deaths of family, friends and iconic figures, I can only say this about obligation. We are obliged to learn from the dead, to shape our world upon what they had learned, their compassion and humanity is what gives us all of our opportunities. As I tell myself and others that have lost dear ones, when death stalks close, it reminds us how important every moment truly is. We are obliged to use them wisely and treat them as the gifts they are. 

It would seem that we have some obligation to teaching and learning the truth about issues that we face daily, however this is not currently the case. Trumped up charges and hearsay seem to win the day more often than not in our current system. The media certainly feels no obligation to speak truthfully or plainly about the issues they "cover". When I studied journalism, we learned the maxim: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Now, it is possible to read, hear or see news that has two and sometimes three things from that list missing. It gets even more terrible when you realize that some of those elements of the story are fiction. One of the great lies that are being told to gullible people now is that human-rights protesters that are rallying around our nation are being paid to stand up for human rights. I'm not sure who benefits from the "Hands-up, Don't Shoot" rallies or the "I Can't Breathe" protests that are sweeping the nation, Water protectors or Occupy! protesters, but this is not a follow the money issue. These protesters are poor! It is more of a follow the long trail of dead bodies leading to the local police department sort of issue. Many "organizers" of these protests are being jailed, so if they were paying people to rally, a simple look into the finances of these "masterminds" would be enough to prove the allegations. However, that would make sense, but just leveling the charge is enough to prove to the ignorant that they know enough already.

Over fifty percent of black males (20-30 years old) in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin are serving jail time, "on paper" (serving probation or parole) or they are in prison, most for non-violent drug crimes. In federal prison, only 3.5% are for violent crimes and that includes not only murder, but robbery, assault, kidnapping and threats against the President. More on this in a minute. That means that the youth, especially black young people are living without fathers, brothers, uncles and mentors. What they have to base their ideas upon is the reality that they are surrounded by, I'm pretty sure that in their situation, you would not have to pay me to get me to put my life on the line for a chance to simply be heard. Now that rich white guys in suits have found ways to make tons of cash from legal pot, the competition has been taken out of the equation. The entrepreneurial folks who were relatively small-time dealers are put away for decades, in some cases, life. Now, the exact same activity is now sanctioned because the ruling class has found a way to make sure that the profits flow to folks who look just like them. Who is obliged to pry equity from this distorted extortion? Money is truly thicker than blood or water. My obligation is to ask the right questions about, why? Show where the facts lead.

These and other facts need to be repeated, sometimes to those who are uncomfortable hearing them. I feel obliged to tell my friends in Russia that the ongoing tensions in Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea and the shooting down of the airliner last summer are perfect examples of how the leadership of your nation flagrantly violates human rights of innocent human beings. Don't think that I am trying to make any other nation out to be without fault, on the contrary, our nation continues to jail blacks at disproportionate rates and the killings of innocent people happen here routinely, that is why we protest. I can point out that there have been waves of protests in Russia, but understanding that the police have different tools there than ours do here is an important first step to understanding some of the differences between protesters here and protesters there. Human rights violations know no political boundary, they are based on an old view that some of us are better than others and that the thugs all look, or act a certain way. Peaceful protests are the face of real change, we are not going away. Sometimes the only way to "win" is to outlive your opposition.

What is beginning to become clear to everyone is that the oligarchs have hired the best security staff on the planet and outfitted them with weaponry capable of subduing even the largest crowds. Whatever means necessary are routinely utilized to terrorize our own people, whether the final result is that the young child or fetus is made ill by industrial emissions, or the young mother drinking nitrates from her well, the result is the same. It is an attack on those incapable of fighting back. We routinely see human rights violations, whether they are the result of directly being killed by police who may have mistakenly felt threatened or extra burden placed on the rape victim who has to travel to another state for an abortion. The child who is deemed "in need of drugs" by their teachers is just as much a victim of terrorism as the child waved into adult court so the powers that be can revoke any sense of obligation to rehabilitate them. One is made to be afraid of themselves, the other is made to fear others. We are all complicit for not making this a national issue. when it takes many times the amount to incarcerate young men, than to educate them, are we not obliged to educate them? Perhaps that is the only true rehabilitation.

If we intend to improve conditions on the ground for our fellow human beings, we must all take a stand for truth, justice and democratic principles. Not capitalistic ideas, not communistic ideas, not even socialist approaches will work if we focus on them exclusively. What we need is a good dose of humanity. An ethic that reflects the idea that human rights are non-negotiable. We are obliged to understand whom it is that we serve and to withdraw our support from those who would wantonly gun us down for standing up for the rights of others to live free and unmolested, even if that means standing up and speaking out against our own inhumane leaders.

This has been my status since the Presidential election again. Not felt since the Eighties when this was put to paper!

Remember, I initially wrote this in 2015, long before the current slew of idiots had gone rogue on Capital Hill and at the White House. In my book, they are traitors to our system of government. Lying cheating crooks need to be called out at every opportunity. We could not have a better object lesson for criminals in the White House, illegal activities throughout the campaign for the Presidency and right through to today, as systematic attempt to crash our system of government.


This is the hat I wore while campaigning during the last election cycle. It was meant to hearken back to "Honest Abe" Lincoln. He was supposed to have worn a top hat within which he stored his papers and speeches. I thought that associating myself with a folk hero such as Lincoln would help my campaign for office. Having been born in Springfield, Illinois, I was steeped in the traditional view of Abraham Lincoln being an untiring splitter of rails, a creative student of law and physics, an attentive clerk and man of great and unwavering moral fiber.

 As I have grown and learned, he was also one of the greatest killers of "Indians", if not by his own hand, at least by decree, an owner of slaves, raised Baptist, had been documented as a devout skeptic religiously and there is ample evidence that he was a deeply troubled soul. He even resorted to adult fairy tales about religion after 1865, perhaps to capitalize on a supposed general religious leaning at the time. His torment was not wholly because of the mental health issues of his wife, but also because of the uncertainties of war and the sending of a generation of young men to their deaths in far-off places that meant nothing to them, from diseases that were little understood at the time. The interference that the years provided me in my quest to find out the truth about Lincoln came from many, often sub-conscious impediments to understanding him fully.

First, and perhaps foremost of these is the passage of time. It is hard to get the straight story when no one alive knew him personally. There were ample opportunities to interview his contemporaries when he was alive, but they passed without exhaustive study. Perhaps the cold-blooded killing of him by a secessionist sympathizer was to blame, perhaps the folklorists wanted no part or portion of truth to contaminate the image of the Civil War hero they wanted to cast him in. It is not for me to judge their motivations. That would only bring my own version of interference to the message that he holds for us in our collective psyche. Another source of interference, intended or not, came from the fact that he was the first President elected under the auspices of the "new" Republican Party. They had their own idols to adorn. 

A friend, who has his heart in the right place is running for public office here in Wisconsin. His campaign has spread the message of truth and frustration that most of us feel regarding the selling of our state to the highest bidder. The undermining of environmental laws that "we the people" (to quote Lincoln himself) helped to write, has been the lasting legacy of our current Governor. Scott Walker's well-heeled, out-of-state funding sources have no problem sending him millions of dollars more to subvert the will of the people. As long as the benefits continue to accrue to them and we are left paying all the costs. In the case of Foxconn, we have actually let the foxes have input into our design of our collective chicken coops. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau, the non-partisan accounting arm of Wisconsin government, puts the true cost to taxpayers of the Foxconn boondoggle at $10.1 billion, even though sock-puppet for the Koch brothers keeps saying it is only three billion. I am loathe to say anything negative about my friend's campaign, because he if fighting the good fight, but even so, he had an advertisement recently that associated him with the mythic, David, who vanquished the Giant Goliath with a slingshot. I am sure that the image of that story is alive within each and every one of us, much like the "idea" of Lincoln resides in our collective consciousness, if only that his image graces both pennies and dollars. My friend must not have realized that a much more deeply felt association exists, as the slingshot was the weapon of choice for those white racists who lined up at the boat landings here in Wisconsin when native people came to exercise their treaty rights. One can plainly see and understand that his campaign faces an almost insurmountable challenge within native communities, interference with his message from an unexpected and perhaps unexplored angle, may lose him support. This would be tantamount to campaigning in a mostly black community in a clansman's hood.

Interference can come from so many places that it is hard to say exactly what it is and how it comes about. On a molecular level, substances can interfere with the RNA replication of DNA which in turn leads to genetic errors. This contaminant can be seen as interfering with natural processes. Similarly, there has been interference with the hydrologic cycle in the form of ditching and draining vast wetland complexes, pumping of deep as well as shallow aquifers, bottling water and other beverages, then shipping them to entirely different watersheds and the damming and use of water in areas it was never intended to be under natural processes. Prior to humans, beavers did disrupt the flow of the hydrologic cycle, but their interference was just to get the water to hang around a little bit longer and flood areas to relatively shallow depths. We must come to fully understand the depth and breadth of our interference on natural systems if we are to make changes that lead to a re-bound within natural systems/communities. That might be protecting our genertics, our quality of life, and/or the availability of essential resources (ie:"gifts" from Creator) like clean air, clean water and uncontaminated, healthy soils that contribute to our continued evolution. How and why we interfere with natural cycles may not really be as important as knowing how to avoid interference that damages the environment for yourself and others.

Essentially, my point in linking these factors to describe interference is that each example I have listed is anti-evolutionary. They either codify lies, justify falsehood, or perpetrate messages that are not true. Our purposes as ECO-Tourists and good world citizens is to know and understand the world around us in the most complete and intimate way possible, to find ways to resonate and harmonize with natural forces, natural tendencies, not disrupt them. Some may say that a genetic aberration here or there in the human genome is important or desirable, that it forces mutation, but I would rather not risk genetic damage caused by toxic chemicals in our air, food and water in the hopes of creating a positive effect. In my own life I have experienced interference by bullies, fools and those who could not understand that their justifications only proved the abject lack of knowledge between themselves and the natural world.

One good deed multiplied by over 7.6 billion people can have a resounding effect. Allowing the same number to justify bad behavior based on false assumptions has one as well, but in the opposite direction. Let us be ever mindful of the things that interfere with truth, justice and evolutionary change, calling them out for what they truly are, lies. Getting on with what we all know needs to be done must commence. We are virtually all on the same page with this.

I ask one question perhaps a dozen times each day, "Will this help? Or hurt?" Things that hurt, or impede flow, the essential quality of being fully alive, fully functioning and fully supported in our inalienable rights, and natural systems/conditions must be let go. We need to collectively focus on enhancing and sustaining flow, both individually and collectively. Getting in touch/tune with nature is paramount in helping us to better understand ways to enhance, rather than interfere with or impede the evolutionary process.

It sometimes feels like the oligarchs are deaf, or cannot hear our collective cries. It is not that, they just do not care. They feel perfectly justified in waging a class war against the rest of us. After all, we are the rabble and they are the kings of our day. They have the best ideas, Calvinism and Thomas Hobbes have supported the "proof" that wealth guarantees better judgement and that they know better than the rest of us, what we can do, what we need done, and what we want and deserve. Instead of having to honor and respect natural systems, they have devised "new and better" systems that marshal all of our efforts to make their status as lavish as possible.

Monday, March 26, 2018


This is super funny. Technology is so advanced that when I saw that there were 199 posts, I assukmed that this would be the two-hundredth, but it is not. You see, there are seven drafts that need some work that were counted in the 199. So this is post out of sequence. However, it adds significance to the next seven posts, because they will essentially be made out of sequence. When I wrote this the seven posts I had yet to finish were, difficult ones for me to finish for several reasons and in keeping with the season, I will bud out into these new territories further and explore them one by one. The list of posts as yet un-published are:
Interference, first draft 4/14/2014
Obligation,      "      "     1/4/2015
Variability vs. Conformity, first draft 7/2/2015
Tenacity, begun 12/25/2015
Clarity of Purpose, from 2/17/2016
Native BE-ing, started 3/28/2017
and Preparing for Equinox 3/8/2018

Here is the post that I put together when I thought there were 199 published already.

A milestone with this post. Number two hundred. In days of the year, it would be 55% of the way through. We are able, using this medium to transcend the confines of books, publishing, freedom of the press and it has had a powerful effect on culture. The fact that I have made my posts to a worldwide audience infinitely multiplies the transformation that took place when Gutenberg was able to produce his bible. Through this blog and, I have taught thousands of people from all around the planet, how to make and use biochar. If you have not read this before, let me explain.

Biochar exists as a tiny fraction of all soils. Soot and dust particles borne from incomplete combustion due to unavailability of oxygen. By making char, purposefully, as ancient ancestors did, we can create multiple benefits for the soils and the humans who live around them. Making a complete list is impossible, but the main effects of using biochar are, doubling crop production, stabilizing soil moisture (char holds six times it's weight in water, more once micro-organisms live on and in it), protecting both surface and groundwater quality, creating long-term soil fertility, and soil microbiome all while sequestering carbon for geologic time.

Today, I was flown over by a bald eagle, which wheeled and stalked the river next door, I saw geese at close range, saw cranes and scared a rabbit in my yard. We all know too well the overarching problems of climate destabilization will cost far more than switching to electric cars and mass transit would. One we all agree to pay, through the wise use of the peace dividend, the other consumes us unwillingly.

On a positive note, the burgeoning growth of new farmers, especially womyn and people of color continues. Young and first time farmers has swelled and who better to do it right than those who can see the writing on the wall. Again, we see massive successes in Farmer's Markets, subscription farms and farm to table movements growing across the land. I have occasionally written the term soulutions, but auto-correct and I have a beef about it. we humans redneckonize the play with words in writing it wrong. Hopefully, computers will never understand that.
This picture actually needs at least three pictures before it. preparing the soil, planting the seed, nurturing it,
Only through death can the next generation be born (borne), consequence, I don't think so.
What will each of us leaving behind? Will it be enough to sustain life?

Years ago, when I first heard the term Deep Ecology, I remember feeling of two hearts about it. On one hand it was comforting that there were others out there trying to get ecological thinking going in an intransigent world. The fact that they could get penetration into social awareness and the public debate, the naming of what it really is begins the process of colonialism. Once named, malevolent forces flow in,  like viruses, a name is like a handhold in rock climbing, for them, giving a place for all their vitriol to flow. Actions happen around names. Predilections and accusatory tones, used to gain a point of attack and prejudice. Name, claim, shame. That is how colonizing forces work. My ecology cannot be named. Deep implies a direction, my way is six-faceted, all "directions" must be honored. That's not deep, it is.