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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Go Fund Me Campaign

We are beginning outreach and organization to establish an outdoor school in Northern Wisconsin. In the few weeks since announcing our intention, half a dozen teachers have come forward who want to share skills and bring our facility to life! We are offering our compltete biochar education package to anyone giving over a hundred dollars toward our goal. If you check out the link, you can even see that we have put up a slide share of the powerpoint presentation we use for our biochar class free of charge. If you use this information, w do ask that you reimburse us in a way that feels appropriate.
Regenerative agriculture demonstration, carbon smart farming and protection of resources will be at the top of our list. All on-site guests will have to be willing to live by Leave No Trace Ethics. The skills we need are changing rapidly and understanding that learning new things can only benefit us in quality of life is becoming more and more appealing for our guests! ECO-Tours of Wisconsin has helped thousands of people learn practical ways to reduce their ecological footprint while helping life thrive in ways that will live on for generations!