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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Most Of Our Time

The past few moons have been spent just trying to keep up with the harvest of our investments in the approximate 1/2 acre. that we have here in Green Bay. At last count, thirty six different edible plants return year after year to beautify and nourish those who take the time to walk slowly and attend to the plant world. We have given half a dozen tours to visitors to our permaculture gardens and welcome others to stop by for a tour of your own. Please let us know before you come, so we can be here to show you around and accept your donations in person. We encourage guests to offer twenty dollars for our educational tours and our biochar classes as well.

We have given several biochar demonstrations and are slowly perfecting our large retort system that will yield approximately twenty five gallons of char. I have made the offer a few times and it seems to be popular, but if you get a dozen paying customers, I will offer your class free of charge. Contact me at: (nine twenty)double eight four, triple two four to arrange classes.

We have also made several dozen batches of char recently for applications around the country. Several stations are running field trials and I hope to be able to post photos of comparison plantings soon on our Facebook page. If you are interested, like us there at ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. Our energies have been split several ways and it has impacted our tree planting efforts this Spring we only planted a few dozen trees and about 10 plantings of native forbes. We have been putting more effort into food forests and spreading gifts for wildlife, both raspberries and elderberries to provide wind barriers and provide some medium sized islands of some shade for trees that we will plant in the future. Some of the sugar maples we have planted are nearly halfway to tapping size!