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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Free Floating Organisms

In essence, we are all free floating, especially in the digital world. Not on;ly in space, but time. a series of pulsating electrons are all that stand between you and I, yet the universe could come between us and we might not notice.  It is as if we are all adrift in a cyber fluid of extreme viscosity. Some of the most pertinent ideas stick, or we use them as armor against assault, or ammunition for our ideas cannon. some fuel our own growth and development or when shared influence tribes and races. (Although I do not mean to say that races are even a valid thing...) There is institutional racism for there to be a concept of races. We are all one, free floating culture upon this Earth utilizing resources and energy for our devices, our sustenance, and frequently to our own ends in ways that degrade the planet for others and in other parts.

We consume what comes near enough for us to reach and if we do well, our wastes can be utilized for other lives and other life forms downstream.

I remember vividly when I first peered into a microscope at real, healthy pond water. It was confounding, as quickly as something would come into focus, it would "swim" out of focus and away from my view. It took me a while to understand that just like stars and planets seeming to move, either by a tiny jolt to the telescope or the turning or the Earth, the motions of the tiny creatures were seemingly rapid because of the tiny scale I was seeing. Half a drop away might as well have been an Olympic swimming pool at the scale of the tiny creatures who lived there.

It is difficult to understand but these microcosmic/macro-cosmic relationships remain, in many ways constant, however imperceptible to us. Each a fractile of one another and repeating in scales in both directions. The "om" of eastern religion is the residual decay of the sound from the Big Bang and the pulsating flagella that rhythmically sweep the water in a paramecium or rotifer are playing the same tune in their own harmonic. even the single celled organism knows when conditions are getting better or worse, how is it that humans want so desperately deny what they learn from the environment?

This will be the assignment for the day. Look at each relationship that comes your way today. Consider the environmental conditions and how they change throughout the day, even moment to moment, you might be surprised. Think about these three things as you make every decision: Am I bringing resources in, or am I banishing waste? Am I nourishing growth of other organisms, or handicapping them? What is the energy flux within this relationship? How might I become carbon/resource neutral? how might I become emotionally stable enough to exhibit grace at each moment? If you recognize a totem animal or spirit, How might I more purely reflect Deer, or Bear, Owl or Salamander? Of course, fill in your own totem. Ultimately, how does fit my concept/understanding of  seven generations?

When we begin to make these basic assumptions, rather than really studying our relationships with earth and her creatures and bounty, it is easy to feel entitled, or a sense of privilege. Learning and ultimately, understanding flow from a place of humility, where you are willing to question, even the basic assumptions you have made about yourself. It is far more rewarding to meet a future self who has been informed that grow old with the person you always thought you were. enhancing culture means making sure that whatever passes from our hand can be utilized by another trophic level and lead to survival for other forms of life.  Contact me directly for specific ideas for becoming carbon and energy neutral, reducing your ecological footprint or for rites and rituals to assist you along your path.