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Friday, April 2, 2021


Our gofundme page has reached the first of a few important milestones. In our intitial phase of community building, we have begun to find other groups and opportunities for our work to harmonize and meld with th elarger community. Lots of local lodges are interested in having more guests as we ramp up our classes. A local resort is offering to give us a first shot at buying their site too, which is within walking distance to our land, somewhat off the beaten track, but easily reached by car and able to provide some of the creature comforts we will not be able to provide on the land. Today, the news came out about Biden wanting to fund a civilian climate corps to rehabilitate and help sequester carbon. We are well-positioned to be one of these teaching facilities that will train future land managers!we have trained thoud=sands of people already and with a larger facility and mor eland to teach these principles, we can do many more times as many training sessions and for larger groups than we have been able ot teach before.
If you are interested in helping to fund the protection of eighty acres and to help endow such a sustainability school ,please either contribute through our gofundme page, or you can still send contributions through our patypal account as well. The paypal account number is the same as our email, or