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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Reading List

I keep a running list of titles that have been recommended, that I have heard reference to and that are generally accepted as "important" to read. Upon awakening today, I realized that I am experiencing a new sort of history, one with a different time signature. I was tracking some of my blog posts and found that certain posts were well-read, while others were not.

In an effort to increase my exposure on all of my bolgs, I like to periodically link them, one to another for my readers. I can be found writing at The Otherfish Wrap, this is a continuation of the eco-fanzine that I created in the early eighties, as a local forum for eco-discussion and awareness. That is perhaps my most read blog. I just checked and it was just about to reach four thousand views. Today, between all of my blogging, there have been over five thousand views. It is an irony that when I started writing Otherfish, I would reduce pages and pages of painstakingly hand written text to "conserve resources and it is now accomplished by electrons frantically scurrying about!

Of course, this blog, you know about because you are here.

I also write on sustainability and Permaculture at Permaculture, ECO-Ethics, Trees @ Wordpress, this was in response to the great push to industrialization of the food sector of the economy. There are positive steps that we need to take immediately to stop estranging farmers from their land. Permaculture, if you have not heard of it is like health care for the landscape. It honors natural balance, soft edges between microclimates, and sanctifies diversity as no other food production system can. If we ran mass balance studies on "modern" agricultural practice, we would find massive amounts of energy, mostly petro-chemical, being squandered in the process.

I also write at as Saladman, I write a bit more on esoteric issues there.

I hope you all enjoy some or all of these, I appreciate your readership immensely!


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