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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Wonders Lie In A Drop Of Water?

Water, as most know, is a fluid. What some do not usually consider is that air is as well. Water is six times more viscous than air, consequently holding about six times the energy of air while in a liquid state. Every organism on the planet is made up of a significant amount of water and it floats when frozen to a solid. One of my favorite characteristics of the stuff is it tastes great when it is cold, clean and clear. It also holds a mysterious place for me because I have witnesses it sublimating, that is, turning from a solid directly into a gas without melting to liquid first. We are as unable to live without this amazing substance as air, the earth, fire and spirit. Flowing water has captivated our imaginations throughout time and whatever words I try to put to explaining how important water is to life, they will surely pale when compared tot he true value of this elixir of life.

By now, we have all heard of the deadly effects of tainted water. Many of us have seen the pictures of water that has been disgustingly contaminated by fracking. I even saw a video of a man who could light his "water" on fire as it came from the tap because of fracking. We hear about people who are dying from lack of clean water and yet, most people in developed nations take for granted this substance that we cannot live without. I have heard people boast that they don't drink water, only coffee, or only soda. then I wonder why they have not taken the time to realize that the quality of water that goes into both of those beverages is as important as it is to those of us who drink ours in a more pure form. Once our source of clean water is taken from us, most basic life functions get much harder to accomplish.

Just for fun, I wanted to know how many molecules of H2O are in a drop of water. The answer? 1.67 X 10 to the27th power. A truly amazing number. each and every one of us bears responsibility for keeping this precious fluid as clean as possible. Although it is the "universal solvent", many of the things that are now showing up in our water are harmful to humans and other life on the planet. we have mostly grown out of the worldview that treated rivers, lakes, streams and oceans as unlimited sources of disposal, but there are those who still use the old philosophy that water is, in fact, inexhaustible. It is for us to come to terms with the fact that is just isn't so. Each precious drop of water is capable of both helping bring miraculous benefit to life on the planet, or insidious harm, depending on what toxic or biological ingredients it brings with it. We need to respect the fact that we can never be healthier than our watershed. To this fact we must return, regardless of how wealthy or e3ducated we tell ourselves we are, no one gets to live without fresh and pure water. Planting trees is the best way that I know to secure quality water for the next several generations. We may never be able to drink from our local streams, but reversing the damage that has befallen watersheds around the globe begins with bringing back forest cover over as large an area as possible.

We will also need to stop the application of toxic compounds in agricultural areas, urban and suburban lawns, and to stop letting the waste the we are so fond of discharging into our surroundings end up in the local streams. The miracle of life that is based on this sacred fluid is as precious as it ever was and to support and revere it will change things faster than any government or regulation ever could. to the next seven generations, I tip a glass one of the most precious fluids on Earth!

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