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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Living Well

 are a series of growing awareness of the fact that we are not alone or isolated on Starship Earth, but full partners, owners, if you will, whose stake in leaving behind places that are better than when we found them is as great as every other human on the planet. Virtually every despoiled landscape, decapitated building and waste area has a story to tell. Most often the stories are about someone trying to make a quick buck and either looking the other way as they extracted the resources or poured their lives into the place only to fall on hard times and end up neglecting the responsibility that comes with "owning" property.

I heartily urge everyone to read one of the book on the ECO-Tours library shelf. It is called How To Shit In The Woods. It considers at appropriate length many of the common mistakes that can be made and accurately describes the reasons why etiquette around toileting has served humans and the environment so well over the years. In fact, when the rules were lax, people died, simple. Once you learn the details that govern the process, and find the perfect spot, prepared for it and learned a bit about the hows and whys, you will definitely feel more confident and aware of your surroundings. I have heard many people say that they draw the line at pooping outdoors, but until you have tried learning how to do it right, then tried it, you have no idea how wonderful the experience can be!

ECO-Tours is preparing to start offering a much greater variety of experiences. We realize that many potential visitors would like to do things other than plant trees. We teach classes on a variety of topics as well. Many of our visitors have loved the tours of our "scorched air" solar panel, our permaculture beds and the canoe/ hiking, and bike trails. Let us know if you are planning to be in Northeast Wisconsin, we will develop a specialized trip just for you!

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