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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

These are some of the first trees that ECO-Tours planted. Donations continue to allow us to plant more trees!

This is about three acres of woods. It lies to the West of the house and in summer they cast shade on the house to help keep it cool inside. The old brick farmhouse used to get baked in the afternoon sun! Wind out on The Ledge, as locals call it, wind too is a huge issue and having a thick hedge of woods as protection against prevailing winds also helps make life just that much sweeter! On these three acres, we started with about three hundred trees and have added several hundred more over time as the first ones took off. We have planted over two hundred acres and continue to plant in areas that have impact on local water quality, live-ability and as the forests grow, we are fixing carbon in the form of tons and tons of new tree each year! If the US would reimburse ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. for every ton of carbon we sequester in our trees, we could plant tens of thousands of trees more as the forests regenerate. With the help of individuals from around the world, we have planted well over 100,000 trees.
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