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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Showers

The protracted spring that we seem to be having in Northeast Wisconsin serves the many trees we have planted this year well. their rootlets are reestablishing themselves amongst the soils that they will call home and it gives us a chance to reflect on our efforts rather than running helter skelter around the countryside watering our newly planted trees. It seems that nature has taken an interest in out efforts.

When we see birds lighting on the branches of a newly planted tree, or the circle of shade that they cast providing an island of shade under the harsh August sun, we know we are on the right track with our efforts. As with most not-for-profit organizations, we have had a downturn in donations over the past six years or so, but we expect that to change as more and more people become aware of the dire straights that the planet is in. Fixing carbon rather than blowing more into the atmosphere will have to become an art, a science and a way of life that we all take pride in if we are to stop global climate change.

a dear friend David Yarrow has You tube videos about introducing bio-char to garden soils and his results as well as my own confirm that harvests can be enhanced greatly by this simple addition to our garden beds. Here at ECO-Tours, we always remain humble knowing that there is more biomass in a cubic yard of healthy topsoil than in a whole human body. The amoeba, protozoa, algae and bacteria may be small, but these essential life creating elements are the true basis of our recovery, if there is to be one. Those motivated by corporate greed have little to no concern about the plethora of organisms upon which their lives depend, but with a bit of education and a learned sensitivity to the way things actually are, perhaps they can have their minds changed about what the responsibilities of living at the top of the food chain really are.

Shepherding, or facilitating life into niches that are conducive to growth is our specialty here at ECO-Tours and the same is true about our introduction of ideas into the public consciousness. Just as there is no room for violence in the realm of love, there can be no life in the face of the destructive forces that we unleash on the planet. Only sickness and death can result from poisoning the very ground that is meant to support us. Research has shown that the health of people is reflected in the health of the soils that their food is grown on. Surprise, surprise. Learn what the soils are in need of and you will know what to do to leave behind a better world in your wake. Start from a series of hints and work your way toward fully knowing what the Earth needs. Hint #1.) burning fossil fuels of all types leaves a toxic legacy. Hint #2.) There has never been a transportation device more efficient than a bicycle. Hint #3.) Energy, like matter cannot be created or destroyed, (this is like the giant swinging tail of the dragon) only transformed.

We have perturbed the entire envelope that is supposed to contain and constrain life on Earth as we know it. Let us all begin to act more responsibly.

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