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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Mayday blessings to all! This is the time when we overtly weave together our combined threads (our hopes, dreams and lives) to create whole cloth. All of us together represent a fabric of associations, each made stronger by the many threads that we know as work, family, community, avocation, parish, etc. This is festival time, celebration of balance and union between the sexes. Our Spring Rite is our emulation of what is going on in the world around us. The pollinators are busy, the rabbits are breeding, all life is joining the chorus and swell of exponentially greater acceleration of life itself. By weaving our dreams into one cohesive fabric, aligned and in synch with others, tying together a diverse set of knowledge, skills and attitudes,  we magnify our effectiveness in creation of ways of life that really matter.

One of my dreams is to teach using the Montessori method. I have a relationship with Maria Montessori. I have read precious little about what others think about her, but I have read her words. I did much the same reading the Bible. My thoughtful great grandfather handed down a red-letter edition. I would read the lines attributed to Christ and perhaps a few stanzas before of after for context. What I learned from getting to know him that way, enlightened me about the supreme resonance and realization that he and I are both children of Goddess, as well as God.

I could never understand the people who read the whole Bible and didn't realize that virtually nothing of the man, Jesus, is represented by any of the various flavors of X-tianity. Alas, there is plenty of distracting discussion about wee differences between many beliefs, not just in X-tian circles but among Mormons, Jews, Muslims, and others. My contention is that we all know the score, I expect we have all been paying attention, but I forget that most people have not spent thirty plus years actively educating themselves about the Great Lakes Region, fossil fuel use, nuclear issues, toxic chemical exposure, riparian ecosystems, forestry, herbal and allopathic medicine and natural history. Perhaps none of these could be completely understood , but the underlying truths in all of them point to the same question. Will we rip and tear our way through the entire planet or not. Will we choose to reclaim the planet or wreak havoc upon it. The current power structure dictates to us that breathing polluted air, as long as someone else is making a profit by it, is our obligation to economic interests. I do not accept that premise.

The tools that Maria Montessori expounded upon are available to all, if one stays true to her methods. One could contend that Jesus of Nazareth, as he was called in this, most recent version of the story was a representation of the best that resides within all of us. Few would disagree that being more "Christlike" would be good for everyone. So too Maria's ideas need to thrive and be replicated amongst the crew of Starship Earth. We are learning organisms and we know no other way. Enigmatically, we run rackets on ourselves routinely justifying mal-adaptive behaviors, neuroses and phobias, spinning our wheels mentally and emotionally, sometimes for our entire lives.Sharing the living traditions of breaking bread with loved friends, being able to reflect agape love for them, as well as ourselves, this is the ultimate ECO-Tour. Transformation of how we see ourselves fitting in to a larger whole is essential if we are to be the change we wish to see in the world. Find a Maypole near you and dance that baby like there is no tomorrow!

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