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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Idle No More

Worldwide, indigenous peoples are rising up, those who realize that the future of our species is at stake in the current economic system if we do not change course quickly are tired of waiting for governments and their representatives to compromise themselves into a corner. the stakes are so high because we have always had two competing factions seeking power, those who feel that individual rights are sacred and those that think that the good of the many outweighs the good of the individual. It is time to begin thinking about governing in a completely different manner. At ECO-Tours, we have been teaching leadership development and governing by consensus for over twenty years. These important elements in cultural change are coming to the fore across the planet at a time of extreme stress, financial instability and rapid ecological change.

We are facing exponential changes in several areas that threaten the fabric of our daily lives, but with relatively small changes being taken by millions, possibly billions of individuals, wholesale change that will help maintain cultural continuity can occur relatively rapidly. Divesting from industries that exploit individuals or the Earth is a great place to start. Artificially propping up antiquated industries that no longer serve the interests of people or the planet is how we got into the mess that we are in now. Demanding an end to corporate welfare and prosecution of white collar criminals will most certainly need to take place as well. Allowing wealthy, powerful and controlling interests to continue down the rat hole of environmental destabilization and corruption of the ecosystems that sustains all life on our planet must not stand.

As we enter the new age, over the next hundred and fifty years or so, it is the water bearers who will have to be revered and followed if we are to survive. ECO-Tours has existed in several forms, flowing through an organic progression, like all life demonstrates for us if we take the time to slow down and pay attention. The water bearers are not, as the name would seem to express, like vessels in the traditional sense of the word. they do not always carry water in a traditional sense either. They epitomize flow, understand the relationship between all that is and transformation into other forms, other states of consciousness. The water that is borne is perhaps best understood as a sacred dance, a flow within universal relationship with all that is. Instead of a linear progression from youth to old age, the water bearers realize that deep and abiding wisdom that resides in the innocence of a new born is the same wisdom that the most intuitive elder holds in their heart. there is no now and then, past, present and future, all time is now. the movements we make through space are as much an illusion as the time signature we invent to keep track of our days.

Those who exhibit the greatest stillness are often the most productive, why? because they have mastered the relationship between their own soul purpose, their values and moral fiber, and by attending to the moment, bring their full potential into each moment. These old souls inspire others and understand the great mystery in ways that are hard to put to words. The flowing river thinks not of the rocks upon which it flows, but over the course of the seasons, it has the power to wear away stone. Instead of working in opposition to an impediment, it has the temporal power of just be-ing, tenaciously clinging to itself and whatever it touches. Though a coherent state of being, it outlasts the river bed and the cliffs. by changing phase, it has the power to break stone, imbue all things with life and enliven life processes of every organism on the planet. The water bearers accept this truth, live it and will outlast the current slate of provincial, colonizers and those who seek to extract as much as possible without giving anything back to the rest of the sacred beings on Mother Earth.

We continue to plant trees, tree seeds, pioneer species of all types and to educate people in ways to live sustainably amongst all the creatures of our sacred planet. We will not wage war on the enemies of the Earth, but we will take pity on them in many and varied ways. It is from a supreme destitution of spirit that they make the false assumptions that they have made. we live in a world of infinite abundance. reclaiming the give away as a normal part of our lives will yield blessings and miracles beyond our understanding. We are honored by having the opportunity to serve and blessed with the ability to do so. Thank-you for your support!

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