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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donate-Watch Us Grow!

In this day and age, we are assaulted daily with folks with their hands out. Some claim to make life easier, our online experience better,, our clothes cleaner, etc. In fact, a recent study discovered that the average American sees about 3,000 images each day that are designed to sell them things, services and a way of life that only exists in the minds of marketing agents. It seems that real world experience with making life better is being run out of the media on account of not really being profitable. Even the in-depth programming about sustainability, organic agriculture and environmental issues seems to have a peculiar bent toward selling products and services so that someone far away and unlikely to return dollars to our local economy will receive more in return than they were ever willing to put in on our behalf. At a time when the worldwide economic collapse is causing  folks to spend less and less, it seems that there are more and more people lining up to take hold of the limited dollars that are flowing.

In contrast, ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. has been giving and creating a better world for the last ten years and you may not even know who we are or what we do. Simply put, we plant trees. As anyone who has read my posts already knows, nothing is really that simple. We educate, investigate and tailor our ECO-Tours to best meet the needs of local soils, microclimates and the individuals whpo attend out potting up parties, plant-ins and discussion groups. We seek to adapt, integrate and expand on what the local people and conditions have to offer. If we find a place that has been sterilized by toxic agriculture, we begin by introducing organic material to the area, building the soils upon which future plantings will occur. If we find waste land that has not been too badly abused, we may come right in with pioneer species and start from there. In some areas, there has been a bit of tentative reforestation previously undertaken and we complement that work with our own. To try to explain exactly what we do would be a disservice to what we actually do.

After thirty years in the ecological movement and even longer in the community organizing and public education fields, we strive to bring greater awareness to individuals about where they are, what their actions require and how their attitudes toward nature shape and mold our shared culture. We can show our guests such diverse approaches to sustainability that even the casual tourist will be impressed. We have a range of options for the curious traveler that allow learnign and insight that the average tourist destination cannot begin to approach. Activities range from touring sites where the solar hot air system provides 1/3 of the winter heating budget to the zero-net-energy homes of the future that are here today. We can take wild edible hikes, show off acreage that we have reforested and there are even places that have begun to return to diversity after being completely denuded by the harsh acts of humankind (which seemed to be neither humane or kind to what had been there before).

We are working diligently to raise money for a retreat center that will not only focus on sustainability in an environmental sense, but for our health and spiritual development as well. We are in touch with and able to offer contacts with a variety of healers, shamen, guides and practitioners of a variety of natural health practices. Our vision includes a working farm, a summer camp for the whole family and a center for learning and teaching the way forward toward sustainability. We ask, as does everyone else, for your money and trust, but what we offer is real and good. Our track record has seen us plant many tens of thousands of native trees across Northeast Wisconsin. We have taken the time to educate hundreds of individuals about ecological issues around the great lakes bio-region. We have planted several million tree seeds over the years and distributed many thousands of native plants to areas that needed them. We continue to innovate and try new ways for making more and better changes occur faster and we will not stop researching how to make the cornucopia of nature's gifts even more abundant.

We have been asked to participate in a few teach-ins and public presentations lately. As part of this effort, I recently made a donation can, something that can be put out where we have speaking engagements. It lists some of the costs of things that we offer. for instance, $3,000 can purchase an acre, $300 can allow us to purchase 100 tree seedlings, $30 can plant three native trees. $3 can help us mail out three requests for funding. 0.3 can pay for half a dozen tree seeds. We encourage everyone to give what they can and if you are planning some down time in northeast Wisconsin, please let us know when you will be here and we will design a tour especially for you! You can donate through Paypal using our account number, write us using snail mail at:1445 Porlier street, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301, or e-mail

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