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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Preparing for the Equinox

The balance between winter and summer is about to occur in my temperate climate. The ice has gone out of the soil, we received five inches of snow a couple days ago and it is melting from both the bottom and the top. In a couple weeks, the sun will be up exactly twelve hours and down, for the same amount of time for just one day, then, summer will continue to add moments to the brighter side of each day. Many places in my country are about to set the clocks ahead. Originally Daylight Savings Time was intended to save candles by letting Americans retire early, thus reducing the need for artificial light, saving time, resources and money. Today, it is a vestige of the eighteenth century that typically makes no important contribution to our lives. Artificial light is immensely cheaper and electric rates typically drop at night so any benefits have fallen prey to technology.

This year, the Equinox came and went while I was working.
This photo is from last Summer's festival season. I look very much the same, but this week had no hat and dressed all in black to run tower spotlight for Les Miserables. We had French guests at our airbnb during the time I was doing the show and it was just one of many odd coincidences that have taken place already this Spring.

However, the energy of the season is undeniable. I am making new beginnings in several ways, the swollen buds are beginning to break as it were. The sap is running like crazy in the maples and the birds are returning.

One thing I want to remind everyone about is the Earth Charter. The organization spearheading the adoption of it worldwide is at Another invaluable resource is Environmental Working Group (EWG), especially their online resource Skin Deep. There is no better resource for information about commercial personal care items. Finally, check out the app called Buycott, it helps you make sound decisions based on issues that are important to you when you shop.

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