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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Biochar Kiln Arrives

Now, we will be making quick work of brusgh piles, slash and dry woody agricultural debris. If you have a need for us to help produce biochar onsite, contact us by e-mail at:
We are limited to providing our sevices to Northeast and North Central Wisconsin as well as the Northern tier of Counties and the U. P. of Michigan. We can bring one of the Wilson Biochar kilns and would love to work with your not-for-proift or small farm or logging operations. We can transform dry woody debris into char cheaply economically and advise on how to prepare the char for soil building whether you want to use it in forest land, agricultural acreages or home gardens. Have brush pile, or other fire hazard onsite? Reduce the volume by half and turn the resulting char into rich soil amendment. we can show yo uhow our ancestors did the same for thousands of years, building a thriving soil microbiome at the same time!
Update: 25-11-21we have already sequestered more than three tons since getting our Wilson Biochasr Kiln! Thank-you Kelpie and we will continue to hold classes with the kiln!

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