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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The End Of Colonialism

Religions, as the oppressors know them had their genesis in otherness. Dichotomy rules their beliefs about their inner world as well as their vision of the outer one. Native people from every part of the planet only know oneness. My very breath enlivens the living forest. We are one, these woods and I. My strength, health and vitality are one with that of the rest of life and spirit on this Earth. The fires burning in each of my cells are one with the Great Fire of humanity as well as the embers of festival fires. The water within my cells is the same water that girds the continents. The cellular water creates infinitesimally quiet rushing sounds, as it moves through me, but those sounds echo those of grand waterfalls. Our Spirit is Creator's. Each space is sacred upon the face of Mother Earth and under the watchful eye of Father Sky. Oneness and relations with this ALL is not a religion, but a resonant frequency of harmony and delight, Oneness with all that is. Not at all separate. We are the living ripples of God and Goddess energy, all in balance with the elements and seven directions. A crucible of that creative force, we are leaves on the wind of our ancestors breath, their lives transcend time through our temporal forms. A well-lived life in this context exudes abundance and a deep understanding that there is responsibility to accept humbly the gifts of Creator and add value to that abundance by giving it away.

State power has led to extraction of resources that are so broad as to frighten casual observers when they learn of the extent of the pillaging that has occurred over the past fifty years. Huge sectors of our economy as diverse as mineral wealth, extracting ultimately money from the Earth, labor strength, which used to, at peak, represent about 1/3 of workers, financial stability/banking collapse and bail out. Massive amounts of wealth have been drained away from all classes. The wealthiest just don't bother caring about the buying power of the common man, because their needs will be met at any cost. The vast majority of us have become poorer and poorer as the top power brokers have become much, much better off. During the Great Depression, and the recovery from that fleecing of the American public, the ultra-wealthy still had the money to afford the best schools for their children, the chauffeurs, maids, summer homes, private rail cars and such. they were taxed at astronomical rates compared to our billionaires today. These lush money-bearing lifestyles are lived by those who have become adept at their extraction, have fed, like parasites off the collective spirit and wealth of our entire country.

The harsh reality is that there are entities, mostly corporations, that are multiplying the amount of environmental assault in the face of diminishing returns. They are trying to divert our attention from all that is wrong with ruining our planet. The air and water have been desecrated, soil organisms have been under assault for half a century at least. Many of the evil tentacles stretch to what was once called the military industrial complex. There are other heads of this same monster in the financial world, entertainment industry, media of all types. These same elemental attacks are taking place in education, transportation, government and by killing off the planet, we are making life more and more untenable. That is why Idle No More is having such influence over the minds of people worldwide.

Putting millions of people in the streets by taking down their internet, is nothing compared to the fight for being able to live in places that are habitable after the ultra wealthy get what they want and subsequently move on. Extraction of all kinds, the oppression we are under by big everything, only yield benefit to the top-most dogs. One look around my old neighborhood in Philly and you didn't need a degree in economics to see what we had sacrificed for the mergers and acquisition crowd downtown. Pawn loan stores, never leave the neighborhood better off. As long as their is desperation, their business will remain safe, siphoning off the tiny bits of wealth that can be accumulated. Most of those neighborhoods you either would not want to grow a carrot or you just plain couldn't. After a century of being bathed in industrial fallout, the soils are dead.

As long as we allow the billionaires to set our course, using the millionaires in Congress to act as their fig leaf, we will write off ever-greater acreages to their wrath. We have seen the globe from space and know our Starship Earth is finite, we can no longer afford to ship wealth to paradise while spoiling the rest of the planet. we must realize sooner than later that the scars that they leave in their wake will never disappear. Every action reverberates through time. Fouling our planet for the enrichment of a select few has got to stop. sustainability is capturing the imagination of people worldwide and the best way to starve off the parasitic ultra-wealthy is to stop buying their lies. We have already come a long way to seeing the truth behind the lies, but we must remain ever vigilant about where we are getting our information.

We must become adept at asking ourselves and learning enough to answer the questions. Who benefits if I do this? and Are these people who really need my money? I bet that if you ask yourselves these questions enough, 2013 will find you divesting in some, or most of your stock, taking the time to teach your own children more while they are at home, planting a few more tomatoes, if just to give a few more away, turning up enough soil to at least find out whether anything will grow or not, Walking or riding your bike a little more, carpooling if you can and ultimately taking a bigger part in demanding your birthright to clean air, water and soil upon which all live thrives. If you are in a food desert with contaminated soil, find a place to compost and start building healthier soil, Lord and Lady know that we need more soil.

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