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Friday, January 4, 2013

Permaculture, ECO-Ethics, Trees

I encourage everyone to learn all that they can about sustainability, whether you attend or participate in our ECO-Tours or not. Our approach to teaching has remained the same since our inception. Like mast seeders, like oaks, we spread our seeds widely and in profusion. Many may fall where insects can hollow thgem out, others will fall where they can be eaten by deer, or squirrels. Still others fall on hard surfaces that offer no soil to get things going. in the end though, there will be enough abundance to assure the next generation will have a chance of seeing the fruits of our labor, resting in the shade of a great great grand child's shade.
Permaculture Introductory course (free)
Friends don't let friends remain ignorant. The policies and perspectives that hold the most promise for the greedy exploiters are the ones that make the most money the quickest. We are in this for the long haul. ECO-Tours has never paid a fee for service, or paid a solitary cent on salaries. all of the labor that keeps the trees being planted has come from the goodness of the hearts of people who support us and our work. Blessings to them for without their concern and commitment, we would have done nothing and been unable to share with you this outstanding blog or the links that we occasionally find that are worth your time to explore.
May you find peace and abundance in the new year!

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