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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Those Were The Days

As we experience the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, why wouldn't we harken back to Halcion days, lazy childhoods, when our families could afford to drive across this great big country of ours in our land boats, often pulling along campers to sleep in when we were out in "our wilderness". It seems that the reflecting on memories has a certain patina in our minds. What the true dawning is about, however is releasing past and future for now. When I first became aware of the vanishing present, the current problems were far less understood by many in the scientific community. The very term "greenhouse effect" was pejorative and far enough off the mark as to have handicapped our understanding since the phrase was coined. Some of us knew, as far back as the first Earthday, that the true issue was climate change. There are some rudimentary physical interactions that do in fact have effects similar to a "greenhouse", however, there are far more interactions, pressure differentials, created by massive energy use for instance, humidification and de-humidification, addition of hydrocarbons, sulpher, fly ash and dioxin to name just a small number of the over four hundred toxic components routinely discharged into the atmosphere. literally tons of this crap is injected, wafted or vented to our atmosphere daily.  Living in the now demands that we forgive past practice, resolve to stop this senseless behavior in the now and at least allow future generations the chance to have their own now.

One of my favorite places to have started an ECO-Tour in my own home is to look into the Environmental Working Group's information on personal care products. Long, long ago, those who wanted to get clean were faced with making their own soap, or paying high prices for it to be imported. Today, the wonders of science and technology have distorted both price and the ingredient lists of most soaps, lotions, deodorants and make up of all kinds. non-hazardous products are available and the database that EWG keeps is invaluable. I enjoy talking up other groups that share our ideals and commitment to showing the way to a healthier home and planet!

Many of the most difficult bonds to sever are the ones to the lies that we were brought up on. Perhaps this is why so many are claiming the "moral high ground" on the excuse that we are a "Puritan Nation". Somehow, the values of the founders of our nation should influence a return to "good old days". i have seen just the opposite need in our culture and at this crucial time in human existence. that is why ECO-Tours was founded in the first place. We need to bring to bear awareness that prior generations could only guess about. We have now seen a picture of Earth from space, not just had to imagine what it must look like, looking at a spherical map. We can instantly communicate world wide in an instant through miniscule tubes filled alternately with light and darkness, we have overcome both time and space almost without realizing it. We began to teach a new awareness of place, process, diversity and respect long before it was expressed this way. See, in the good old days, we didn't always have the words we do today. People are talking, people are looking around themselves and asking the simplest of questions..."How can I be of use?" "What is truly important?", "When will there be positive change?"

Some, succumb to the cynical beliefs that de-evolution is inevitable, like the film Idiocracy, they see around us, the huge number of stupid people pumping out babies like there is no tomorrow, and the educated waiting, waiting and waiting, to have one, or two. The math is not hard to do. Just remember, that has been going on since the good old days as well. The truth may turn out not to be so dismal, ours is to live as much as possible in the now.  Wasting time on what might be is forever fruitless, even the perfectly planned pregnancy, may never bear fruit. Living in the moment requires ultimate responsibility but yields infinite freedom as well. what Eco-tours can deliver is a way of being that increases both our feelings of connectedness with our surroundings and our relationship with the planet that yields a unique satisfaction in knowing that you are a living solution to many of the ills perpetrated upon the earth and her creatures (people included).

Over the ages, perhaps we have been slobs, spewing our waste around the planet. It has only been the last fifty to one-hundred years that we have had exponentially increasing numbers of hazardous chemicals to spray, rub, inject and infuse our bodies with and that also get released into the air and water that we depend on for our sustenance. We continue to offer information, practices and attitudes which leave behind a cleaner footprint, leave less of an impact of dis-integration and more of a cohesive and sustainable wake as we travel through our lives. The momentary happiness that we might feel at a pleasant memory of times gone by can be compounded many fold by living in the moment with intention and awareness of our place in the web of life.

Hundred dollar memberships include my writings about my bicycle ride around all five Great Lakes in 1987. This eighty day culmination of over two years' work led me to speak cogently to over seven million people about, what later became known as sustainability, over the course of two and a half months and 4,200 miles (6,888Km). This is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the trip and when I wrote about my experiences in the past, I always tried to include not only the youthful vigor of the young man that i was, but the perspectives of both my own father and grandfather as well. Recently, I learned that there is a word for people like me. a researcher on sustainability issues called me a bioneer.  as far back as 1984, I set up a system of fish tank, compost facility and garden that "ran" on about 35watts of power, but that produced significant amounts of food and excess fertilizer that continues to have lasting positive affects on the environment today. With nearly thirty years of practice, I'm sure that what I am doing more effectively and efficiently today will increase the beneficial results exponentially. I wish everyone the best on their path and may the items we address on your personalized ECO-Tour be as enriching to you as we are sure it will be for us. 

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