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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Politics and The Environment

We have reached a point in the political life, in nearly all nations on Earth, that the young are waking up to the depth of lies that they have been raised on. Even staunch believers in "free market" and capital being used as a gauge of wealth are beginning to understand that some things surpass currency in value and perhaps most of the gold that exists is in the relationships between our selves, our soul purpose and our communities as well as the environment. there is a healing that takes place amongst the trees that is cellular in nature, spiritual in its effects and one kind of emotional salve for wounds sustained in the nearly constant barrage of offenses that we face in modern society.

The "kindness" that is conveyed by lying to one another in as simple an exchange as "How 'ya doin'?",
"Fine."belies the depth of disease that we suffer daily. Packed into the exchange is the implicit fact that the questioner is not really as interested as the words imply and the response is predicated on the assumption the fact is the same. Why we do not care is our own responsibility, so beware of putting the ramifications of failed communication on the "other". He is us, we are one, in our non-communicative exchanges, we allow passing of objects rather than meeting of subjects. Instead of allowing one another as simple a thing as an identity, we find ourselves and those we meet as co-sufferers in this suspension of person-hood.

The ebb and flow of relations worldwide has been degraded through politics. The personal estrangement that strangles conversation on most topics tells us a fable. It is the lone wolf, or pioneer epic. Stark and raw with man versus nature pathos, the ethos is also good versus evil, like a good medieval novel. We strew the landscape of political rhetoric with patriotic slogans and post conflict revisionism, rather than telling history from documented fact. more soldiers are dying from suicide in the USA, and on the battlefields of the world than the enemy is killing. This should tell us something.

Youth has truth, and numbers on their side. There have never been as many people on Earth, and never so many under twenty. They are seeing their inheritance and birthright squandered. The key to survival is making everyone's life better, while using less resources and adequately distributing what resources we have. The power brokers and recipients of the lion's share of government subsidy are never going to willingly give that up. I pay an extra half of one percent tax on my "non-food" purchases where I live to keep the lights on and the landscaping maintenance at Lambeau Field, where the Green Bay Packers football team  plays eleven games each year. This direct subsidization of one of the most profitable companies in our county is not only imprudent, but a blatant attack on the citizens of our county. Here's an idea, "Use some of your millions to keep your own lights on!"

I post this on the ECO-Tours site because our environment includes coal-burning electric generating stations, that have not only health, and premature death costs, why do we bless the burning of more fuel for a company that is enormously profitable? The economic, social and militaristic culture that we live in is also part of our environment. We need to be facile in our use of important information, organizing principles that enhance the inclusion of wider audiences, we may just find that most of the old hippies were onto something. They may not have had a very good language for what they were saying and many were either agents provocateur or posers. The Yoda-like ones would speak of auras and getting good vibes from good people. There has always been the recognition of old souls in colloquial terms, "Still water runs deep." Later generations have called their little hippies, "Star Children" or diagnosed them with ADHD . My favorite term has always been "strong willed".

We are all products of our environment and as more and more people become adults, they each have every right to survive on the environment that they face daily. Health, safety and security can be had by all. what we have here is not only a failure to communicate,  even more, a failure of distribution. One fact that can no longer be hidden from public knowledge is that from now on, every gallon of crude oil we squeeze from the Earth's crust will cost more to get at than ever before. Aging infrastructure assures that even as we have to move more fuel further, the greater use of older pipelines will have more leaks. Another thing that the natural gas lovers tout is fracking. Another resource "management" tool, but it takes twice as much energy to get the same amount of fuel each year that the extraction field is exploited. Can we come to a consensus that pouring more energy into energy production is senseless? What we need is to implement mandatory efficiency requirements. there are much more efficient electric motors, but the US Government has made the patents for them a matter of "national security". In our humble opinion here at ECO-Tours of Wisconsin Inc. we understand the need for efficiency to be such a strong matter of national security that they be released into the marketplace to increase the efficiency of wind generation and much lighter electric cars that will also have increased range.

We have passed the tipping point, emptied our cities, developed massive suburbs that now lie empty and simultaneously de-mineralized our soils across huge areas. It may take generations to begin to reclaim these places, but there are signs of hope. Madison, Wisconsin, Boulder, Colorado, Portland, Oregon & Austin, Texas are showing routes to transition as are the gypsy camps that have always sprung up on abandoned land. One of the most politically active not-for-profits is Will Allen's Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing Power feeds people in food deserts by converting abandoned industrial areas into thriving gardens. Will says, "We make all our own dirt." This is one way to eliminate the threat from dangerous chemicals that are often the bane of brownfields. (This is another term that I hate. Toxic Soil Areas is a better term for them. True patriots are finding ways to make our cities more liveable and they are the ones who should be getting the subsidization!

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