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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Old Home Week

These trees will be just what the doctor ordered for helping the next round of plantings to be successful.

The cool shade that these few acres produce is a welcome relief for hundreds of birds and mammals.
For Arbor Day I took a short trip, visited half a dozen places that I have helped plant trees in and took a few pictures to spur my memory if ever I get disillusioned. Granted, hundreds of trees look tiny when viewed in perspective to acres and acres of lifeless farmland, but in the areas that we have planted trees, there is an abundance of life, some so tiny that even kneeling down and touching the soil is not enough to see it. Several of these sites are now starting to be more like woodlots than open fields and the shade and wind protection that they are creating are making a significant difference in the areas around them.

The tiny sprout near the center will grow to ten feet or so in the next couple years, time for weeding and mulching

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