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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long Arc- The North Shore of Lake Superior

As I watched my progress, like a snail, across the maps I had in my pack the landscapes of the North Shore unwound stories that had been played our over thousands of years. Time immemorial was alive and aware of my presence, harboring me, permeating me and lifting my spirits in the face of the lonesome isolation of these remote vistas and infinitely varied desolation. I was far outnumbered by organisms and I needed but to slow my pace or stop along the way and the life would become overwhelming. I sensed that I was but a tiny sliver of life amongst a great profusion of individuals and communities of living things, calling out to me to express their urge to be heard. The awesome responsibility of speaking for the trees is enough, but the mosses, the winged things, the finned ones and those who are earth bound all showed themselves to me in ways that made me aware of the importance of my walkabout.
We are each the center of a sacred hoop, unfolding our lives like a billion Mobius bands extending out into our environment. Bringing in and expending energy simultaneously. My own path was more clear, even though I only had lines on a map to guide me, than many of the most simple and regimented mazes. In essence, my life's purpose has not changed for over forty years. The difference now is that I can break the boundary of time and space, communicating with an infinite number of souls not just through intimate contact with the earth, but with the internet as well. Perhaps what we are looking for, whatever our quest, is union. that perfect mercabic state of oneness, of transcending time, space and this realm which we most often measure, record, believe in and partake of.
Everywhere were indications of the heavy hand of humankind upon the land, but in between the scars and mayhem there is a relatively natural cover that reminds us that we are just a tiny portion of the life that surrounds these lakes like a heavily trafficked carpet.Where we have played our hand, the threads seem to often be the most bare. Luckily, there are more and more people changing their ways and working with rather than against Mother Nature. Understanding the great gifts of this region allowed me to follow the graceful curve of Lake Superior as a revered guest, finding food a plenty, appropriate shelter and always enough relatively clean water.

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