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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Monetizing Good Sense.

Be forewarned, you will be asked for money before this post is over.
In the realm of ideas, we have been witnessing the bullies getting all the cash, all the attention, all the press, even though they are an extreme minority we let them guide not only public discussions, sometimes the very definition of terms we use to speak but they also guide our policies as well. I have noticed that in all my days, the bullies have invariably been wrong, about everything. From the "importance of sport", to the equating the stock market and the economy. From the dog-eat-dog world they theorize to the competition for scarce resources. they all stem from a lack of awareness about physical reality and what actually exists. The vast majority of people I meet are co-operative, curious, compassionate and are, generally speaking, trying to make the world better or at least they hope to not make it worse. In fact, many have a deep and sometimes unexpressed self-loathing because they know our systems are prearranged to make some forms of harm unavoidable. Think, for instance of the number of times you have felt a pang of guilt or regret when you realize you left the water running, or let it continue running as you watched it run down the drain for no reason. Perhaps you are one of many hundreds of millions who would want to carpool if you knew a co-worker or co-shopper who lived along your route to the store or work. Maybe you're one of the people who never washes clothes unless the washer is at maximum capacity,perhaps you ar eone who still line dries clothes or who hangs shirts out in the yard to wear a second or third day. Whatever your ecological awareness leads you to do or to "know" about has interesting ramifications, if/when you are willing to learn. This message may seem far from the talk of bullies, but they are right here, in the blind spot of our discussion. So much is it the rule that bullies are the oddities, we often stand dumbfounded when they spout their strange ideas. In essence yeilding the floor to them because their ignorance and blindness. What we know to be true, is so far from their reality that they seem to be coming from a distant planet, so we stare in utter disbelief blinking and questioning, "Did they really say that?" The vast majority don't even want to call people out for stupid comments or the expression of misogyny, racist hate or anti-whatever-the-case-may-be. Inhumanity. It is obscene. Flat-out, unquestionably loathesome, but we stand there, with our mouths hanging open, wondering where to start.
I have often wondered how many steps back we would have to go to help educate and inform someone who already thinks they know it all about one person or another based solely on their sex (or how they express it) their creed or color, yet it happens. Usually we given it some quarter, regrettably. This is how a tiny percent of the population can have out-sized voice and control over our culture. Remeber, they already know that they are right. (Otherwise they wouldn't say it.) We even tell them that they ar e"right" with terms like we use in The U.S. of America, right-wing, conservative...terms that sound authentic and which reflect being right and good. There was a time not that long ago, when Democrats, or the "left-leaning" party, made room for the racists in their tent. I get it, thinking the balance is so precarious that you hav eto enlist the fringe to get your way... My grandmother was a staunch Democrat who left the party when the Southern Democrats (racists) made their play for power back in their heyday. Again, regrettably, there are still a few of those racists among various "liberal" causes. We need to turn the corner on bullies, call out their "Competition is god" mentality and remind them that human beings, like the rest of nature are stronger and have a higher quality of life when we work together insted of estranging over half the population, as misogyny does, or demonizing and or isolating ourselves from other groups. Most anyone with a lick of sense will agree, every human being loves their children the way we do. Every love, no matter how you think it is being "expressed" is not an attack or reflection on you. None at all. All moral objections you may have about what others do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, closets or kitchens for that matter are none of your business and fall flat when yo urelize that your judgements ar etearing a tthe fabric of humanity. Demeaning others, de-moralizing them and/or trying to shame them is not adaptive in any way, it burdens not only the person being bullied, but our entire human race. This is where the rubber hits the road my friends, I am calling everyone to expect the unexpected, when you least expect to be burdened by bullies, be ready, perhaps even practice what you will say the next time you hear a blithering idiot trying to tear down someone else with their harmful rhetoric, their blatant disregard for the truth and prejudicial statements. Or just practice saying, "This is where it stops." That will give you time to collect your thoughts and decide what the best words are to say, "No, you are out of bounds." and "This is why." Peace Warriors is the rough translation of shanti sena, a term used by the Rainbow Family of light and Love to describe our common responsibility. A concept that is rarely taught but essential to living without the yoke of capitalistic dogma that servitude is righteous is to know that we cannot have true freedom without ultimately paying the price of responsibility. If you cannont bear the costs of your own behavior, you certainly should not be allowed to foist your shortcomings on others! Surely, we can all agree with that! Finally, our group, ECO-Tours of Wisconsin, Inc. works constantly to bring about awareness regarding the give-back, otherwise known as the give-away. Reciprocation. Just this week, we shared a resource of our organization with another not-for-profit that will be able to sequester several, perhaps many tons of carbon in their soils using the equipment. The people involved with that non-profit are working to bring a heavily impacted, eighty-acre parcel back to health and although it is just a tiny place in the middle of other severely impacted areas, it will be an outdoor school, working to re-train humans to be part of, not estranged from, nature and the natural world around them. Thousands of people are starting new ventures that honor the Earth and her people, the creatures we share the land with and the natural cycles of energy, water, carbon and nutrients. None of them came to that awareness because they listened to bullies. They did it because of what they learned is actually true, not someone's opinon. I have done everything in my power to keep this site from falling behind a paywall, but it does cost something to put these posts together. I pay nearly constant attention and it takes time to clarify my thoughts on these issues. I'm a slow typist so it takes time to translate my ideas to words and getting the money to purcase an occasional new piece of equipment or upgrade/continue internet services all cost money, so this is the blatant pandering for money that I try to avoid. Checks and cash can be sent directly to ECO-Tours of Wisconsin, Inc. at 522 Acreview Drive, De Pere, Wisconsin 54115, our temporary home until we find our post-covid place. You can send contributions directly to paypal using my e-mail address, which is also our account number for You can send contributions directly to the gofundme page, where we are raising money to purchase land to create our own outdoor school, or you can send directly to our ECO-Tours of Wisconsin, Inc. account at Capital Credit Union using Zelle. We can make the change we want to see in the world, we have both the right and the responsibility to make it happen.

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