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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aim A Little Higher

In many areas of our lives, things are on the decline, much of what I put down in words has been known a long time, but only recently has it been admitted to by the popular press. home prices are down, interest rates are down, hiring is down and jobs are down, but when we shoot down slope, we have to raise our sights and aim high. We can have Montessori quality education for everyone for far cheaper than what we spend on gizmos and doo-dads that have not been proven over any length of time. I have been recently studying the time continuum as it relates to "human" history. After the Ice Age, was a mere ten thousand years ago, five hundred generations. Since Homo sapiens first appeared, about 8 thousand generations ago, only a few technologies are still in use today. Many are as simple as bowls and pots, but those have been proven over millennea. Nuclear energy and weaponry, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imagery) radio-frequency exposure, sub-sonic exposures to noise, etc. are all very well understood, but the money to be made on each is so great that logic and science lose out to economic expediency.

This is the slow decrepit end that humanity seems to be headed, so aim high. Eat your sea vegetables, everyday and particularly from parts of the world that are less contaminated with nuclear materials. The massive releases that are now being admitted by the Tepco officials are staggering. What we have known all along is unfolding like a new fractal of 1% class war abuses. Again, collectively, we need to make sure that the money extracted from us for energy is going into the greenest mix possible. Biogas has the valuable by-product of charcoal which can be used for water filtration, providing safe water for millions and is also useful as an agricultural soil amendment of unsurpassed quality. Biochar containing soil is more able to hold moisture, and resist leaching of nutrients better than soils amended with any other material.

The reason that you have never heard of biochar, is because the information, technology (proven over again millennea) is open source, relatively easy to build and corporate welfare frauds can't make money on them. In fact, what they call, syn-gen facilities (for their Synergistic production of energy and a valuable resource) could bankrupt the energy giants in short order if the public demanded and invested in education about this single topic.

ECO-Tours will be hosting another biochar making event in the next week or so. If you would like to attend and can be in Green Bay, Wisconsin 9-9-2014. covered will be topics that include, but are not limited to production of char, history, technique, current trends, innoculation of char, grinding and application. Energy, moisture and carbon sequestration are just three of the massive benefits of using biochar. Understanding why the biochar revolution is so critical at this time is not difficult I urge everyone to add a few pounds to your favorite garden bad and watch in amazement at increased yields and added vigor of your plants. Event participants will be gifted one pound of char as inspiration for holding future events.

Our retort and presentation on all of the topics listed above are available for your event or personal curiosity. Presentation lasts a full five hours so some sort of food and wash up facilities need to exist where the presentation is to be held. In addition to travel expenses, a donation of  $365, which is the number of trees that it takes to reforest an acre. In ECO-Tours dollars, it costs us about ten dollars per tree to procure, plant and protect each of our seedlings, so for your donation you will also be reforesting 1/10th of an acre.

When we aim a little higher, two things happen. Gravity pulls the trajectory of our shot and the aim is true. The gravity of our current situation is strong, so aim particularly high for best results. When I bought my car ten years ago, I did not fully understand what a boost it would be for my lifestyle to reduce my fuel consumption be over one thousand dollars each year. Try getting your boss to agree to a raise like that and see how it goes.
This beautiful scene will be re-created in just a few short moons and even a few shorter weeks! Sunset, Winter solstice 2012.
 Sorry for this aside into my personal life, but Woo hoo! I just got a two day carpool that will save four gallons of fuel times two trips! I am elated!
When we embark on our first ECO-tour, whether it be to explore voluntary simplicity, or to investigate how much plastic you can keep out of your life, if it is a trip out to plant a native tree somewhere in the watershed above where you live, or to visit a local grower who provides your food, each step is a new beginning, like a hoop cast to the wind, carving out a bubble of understanding. Each new experience, whether you do your ECO-Tours once a year or every month have the same carving out ritual associated with them, we carve into a vast ocean of experience, like surfers on a swell, but those bubbles sometimes collide and overlap allowing us to see inside ourselves an integral piece of nature. Learning about the intricate and intimate features of our environment let us see in ourselves the same traits and habits of nature, our water cycles, our energy cycles and there are even ECO-Tours that we can take together that explore your inner ecology.

These ECO-Tours regard nutrition and healing. It is our birthright to know what native plants can heal us. This technology has rested on over seven centuries of practice, but again, no one can get rich teaching people how to learn to live with nature. It seems that we have so thoroughly estranged ourselves from Mother Earth that to treat her with loving respect seems "too simple" or perhaps "just words", as if something more is necessary or desirable. We know that the best things in life are free, yet we expect to pay big money to be cured of our ills. What we need most for our healing is growing right under our feet! Don't look whilst aiming however, just know that the earth is here to catch you if you should fall back upon her after the shot rings out.

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