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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Red Envelope

It is said that the ancient herbalists and feng shui masters, the shamen of their time would leave red envelopes with their clients so that when payment was made, the money would not be attributable to any specific person. The entire community being healthier was the real reward anyway, but it helped to pay the bills. I have been saved from the edge of death by a shaman and there is really no way to put a dollar amount on how she has given me a new chance at life. Doctors had written me off. I would give my life for her, but in dollars how can one levy a price?

I prefer to work for the red envelope because my healing work is also mostly rewarded by the great feeling of planting trees, educating folks about how to live more lightly and at a higher standard of living at less cost (waste). Even the feeling of benefiting a community that will continue on through generations, these things all feel great, but they don't pay the rent. If you would like a red envelope, please send a request to Tony C. Saladino 522 Acreview Dr. De Pere Wisconsin 54115 USA

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