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Monday, May 26, 2014

Ward Chuchill-In A Pig's Eye

I received this two CD lecture from a friend. It is not one that is easy to hear. Granted, I knew very well, what I could find out for myself, about the five hundred year history of oppression and resistance that has been played out on this continent as well as the others around the world. He spoke eloquently about a prisoner, currently detained in Federal Prison, Leonard Peltier. On the Pine Ridge Reservation, June 26, 1976 a pair of conflicting lines were crossed, which bring us to a point of reference that overshadows anything we can say about them. Nearly five hundred years before, a lost man washed ashore completely ignorant of where he was and is known by history as the Great Navigator. The dominant (settler) society absconded with virtually all the continent, leaving native people a mere 50 million acres (about 25 acres per capita) Upon these acres, 2/3 of the nation's uranium deposits lie, 25% of the low-sulpher coal, 20% of the oil and natural gas, bauxite ore, copper, iron ore, industrial grade diamonds timber, 50% of the salmon harvest and water rights exist. On paper, the "value" of these resources, which the oppressors deem to be of a very real value, would make all native people very wealthy. However, the plenary relationship between the U. S. Government and the native people assures that they will never be remunerated adequately for their use.

I could go on and on about the injustices that native people continue to suffer. Let it be said that I will not stand for the government continuing to practice genocide against native people of these lands. The extraction and burdens of ecological catastrophe must stop.
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Much wisdom resides in tribal culture. Many features of the most advanced societies ever formed were of native tribes and bands. Far from "primitive" the more we understand, the more we find them to be amazing architects, engineers, designers, scientists and artists whose work would be as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. It has only been in the last nanosecond, relative to geologic time, that we have developed everything since white men stepped ashore in the Caribbean, the lines that carve up our sacred Mother Earth. The concept of "right to own" discreet parts of the beating breast of Mother Earth, these are all fallacies foisted upon us by relatively recent ideas. The truth about Mother Earth is that we do not own her, at best, she owns us. We learn her rhythms and work at her pace. The seasons change and the same rituals play out year to year and on forever. We listen with our hearts as well as our ears and nature speaks our words, calling us back to pray, to sing and to dance to the beat of ancient drums and patterns. Developing this pattern language facilitates a great leap in both our abilities and our effectiveness.

Living by the seasons and recognizing unique attributes of our discreet microclimates will have to occur as the costs of transportation continue to increase. Native people the world around share the understanding that the Mother Earth is sacred. It is well beyond high time that we all take that seriously. Utilizing carbon in newly "rediscovered" old ways is our only hope. I have put several hundered pounds ofcarbon into my soils and the results are nearly unbelieveable, until one realizes that in each handful, there are fourteen acres of surface area! This may seem far afield from Ward Churchill, but it really is not. The most revolutionary act that we can partake of is to change the paradigm. Instead of consuming the lies, deceit and repercussions of the corporate welfare whores in our nations, we need to stand as a worldwide tribe of people who refuse to allow our nations to be squandered for short term gains that are doled out to the oligarchs, the corporate elites who criss-cross the skies with their own fleets of jetliners, all underwritten by easy tax law and subsidized fuel.

We the people need to reassert our control over any government that has run hopelessly amok. In the new paradigm, there will be massive prisoner releases in my country, for all non-violent drug offenders, legalization of all plants, funding for schools and education and far less waste fraud and abuse because corporate criminals will be held to account for their recklessness, rather than placated with ever more comfortable regulations. We need a leadership class of diplomats who know how to speak truth and not knuckle under to expediency for the 1% nor their threats. Many of the current recipients of our tax dollars do not deserve them and lying to cover their tracks is a form of treason. It is hurting not only our country, but the planet!

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