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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Deniability Is No Longer Plausible

Back as far as the Nixon Era, although, to be true, that is just when I began paying attention, plausible deniability was crucial if one were to survive politically. What who knew and when take up the lion's share of political discourse. Many forget that while we waste time fighting about the minutia of interpersonal drama and risque tripe, the bigger issues are left unaddressed. I don't really care what candidate "X" has to say, We have come into an age where I wish I could find out who is paying him or her to espouse such drivel. This week, a representative from Wisconsin made a statement about how climate change is made up by those who want to wage an "environmental jihad". Now, we have to understand that in the world that we all share, jihad means a specific thing. It is a holy war based on beliefs, not truth, not justice, not harmony or tolerance. The things we share as human beings, rely on humanity first, exploitation, never. The art of preserving plausible deniability requires "proof" of something not existing, which anyone who studies science knows is patently impossible. We have to want it to be true so hard, that it overcomes any and all doubt.

Let us deconstruct. Mr. Johnson must believe that the "holy war" that science, environmentalists and ecologists are waging is a threat, or he would not use such inflammatory rhetoric. Normally, when something poses no threat to you, it is easily ignored and often passes attention-free across our visual cortex, nothing more. The linking of jihad with ecology is ironic, because in the environment, it can be said that Spring and Fall are the result of a war between Winter and Summer, but you would be wrong, the seasons facilitate one another as a result of their mutual existence. It would be hard to find a war, declared or otherwise within the realm of interdependent species. Is there a was between the salmon and the bear? No, the salmon goes willingly up into the hills and dales of the watershed, carried in spirit by the great healer, the most human, here in North America, of our animal cousins. Is there a war between bat and mosquito? Of between anteaters and the ants? No, each is simply attending to what needs to be done for survival.

We have come to a distinct phase of existence, wherein we are faced with conditions far beyond the realm of "normal"
This diagram cataloging CO2 trends in the atmosphere show with astounding accuracy the ages that have come and gone over more than four hundred thousand years. I try to think of fossil fuel as a gift, laid down over half a million or so years, almost like a giant solar battery, getting "charged" by layers of topsoil, plants or critters that efficiently absorbed carbon and eventually died, and were incorporated into the planet, insulating us from the core as well as slowing the absorption and dissipation of energy from space. Now, we have done our best to burn through that storehouse of captured solar energy and there are those who claim that we have "four hundred more years of coal", "a hundred more years of natural gas" or "fifty more years of oil", before the wells and mines play out.

What they do not tell you is that every single gallon of oil, every cubic foot of gas and every ton of coal will be more expensive than any we have ever produced before. The sheer cost of extraction, as the resources are depleted further, as we need to expend more and more energy to extract less and less viable store, as we put more and more technology into recovery efforts for harder to reach deposits, the price will continue to escalate. In addition the costs of pushing the graph further into new territory is becoming more and more frightening with each study and report. There is no way our leaders cannot know. Albert Einstein was pretty smart. In his wisdom he said that he didn't know what World War III would be like, or what weapons it would be fought with, but World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones. It seems that the ultra-wealthy and their lap dog politicians, which by the way came extremely cheaply, have waged the ultimate class war against both the vast majority of the human population, but wreaked havoc on the biosphere as well. Remember Mr. Johnson, mother nature always bats last.

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