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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Rains?

In "normal years", sometime around Mid-September the rains return in our part of the world. for the last twenty plus years, we ave divided the year up into four parts and the changes between Spring planting, the summer break, fall planting and freeze up have remained relatively static. Mid may was the start of Spring planting season. July fourth was about the end. July, August and part of September was routinely far too dry to risk putting trees out. Even with near constant watering, the tiny trees would just wilt under the long hot days of summer. This year, the Maple sap ran in January, catching most people completely unaware. We should have been planting even before most people had put away their winter coats! The trend of years past seems to have been shattered along with the illusion that there are questions about the science behind global climate change.

This year, we are finding that our best laid plans are unable to keep pace with the rate or quality of change that we are seeing, so perhaps we are into fall planting season already. Mid August around here would typically be a really bad time to plant trees, but Mother Earth has different plans for us. This season, we are well into planting again, having distributed over one-hundred pounds of tree seeds across land that would normally be dry as a bone. As hard as it was to begin fall planting a full moon early, the weather has been cooperative and Lord and Lady both know that we need more trees, so with luck, the windows odf opportunity for planting may be opening up.

The main nursery that we work with didn't even start shipping trees out until more than a moon into the Spring planting window. As soon as the ice, which we had little of this past winter goes out, and the ground dries to the point of being workable, which in our neck of the woods was Mid-February, tree planting can begin in earnest. This year, the hot dry summer came early and we stopped planting by mid-June. We are currently gathering tree seeds for distribution around our area and now that it is both cooler and wetter than usual, we will be taking full advantage of the early start to fall planting season. Our tree planting has been focused on the East River Valley this year simply because it is a more focused attempt to qualitatively change conditions in the river system that has the worst water quality in our area. Agricultural runoff, soil and clay subsoil are leaving this watershed at a rapid rate and choking the Fox River that receives the sediment load and toxic chemicals of nearly the entire eastern half of Brown County.

As always, we continue to ask for donations that will help us to plant more trees faster, recover more acres and provide habitat as well as more stable micro-climatic conditions for the future. Give as much as you can, every dollar helps. If you are going to be in our area, please let us know ahead of time and what your interests are. We will develop a personalized ECO-Tour that is fun, relaxing and educational. If you want to learn more about who we are, what we do and how we make these changes possible, contact us directly or leave a comment, we will get back with you about how you can bring the spirit of our work to your own area. for now, I've got to go, there are seeds to collect and plant, trees to plant, and native flowers that will help hold the soil that have to get out while the weather is cooperating.

Blessed Be and may all your days be filled with love and abundance.

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