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Thursday, June 28, 2012

FYI-We deserve the Truth!

For the benefit of next seven generations, we need to seriously question the pap and Pablam  spewed by both the public officials who roll out new programs to make us feel better about our dire straights as well as industry leaders who feel that we are just raw materials for their exploitation and abuse. To this end, I want to share some information that I came across this morning. Recycling Myths Debunked

Learning new ways of being always take a little time and thoughtful effort, but the massive benefits that come from re-thinking our consumer culture have lasting benefits and over time will help lance and empty the painful boil that the plastics industry has become on the face of our culture. Poverty looks the same everywhere it is allowed to fester. Those with their hand on the tiller of the various ships of state have driven us further than anyone could have imagined into the dangerous waters of degrading the planet, defiling her bounty and poisoning the most precious resources that are needed to produce a liveable lifestyle that ensures the health and well-being of our children, their children and the coming generations that depend on us learning to live in harmony and accord with Mother Earth, not only for our own bounty, but for the survival, no, the very existence of future generations of homo sapiens.

I know that most of us are extremely busy, but please, put the time in to read this link. expecting the industry, or our current slate of "leaders" to "do the right thing" or for them to somehow make things easier for us is to neglect our own due diligence. Education is the second most expensive thing in the world. The real costs begin to add up when we devolve to ignorance. The most revolutionary thing we can do is to seek truth in the face of power, to reconsider everything we have been told and to find out whose money is paying for us to be taught certain things.

The same folks who want us to think that plastic is environmentally benign are the ones whose hands are deeply into raping the planet for profit. Just as there are no dollars available for researching the efficacy and health benefits of natural herbs, there are no funds available to research the extent of the damage being done by the plastics industry worldwide. When the truth is finally known, those responsible will have garnered enough wealth to hire the best lawyers to drag out any remediation attempts for at least another generation or two. Examine the track record of the largest corporations and you will find a disturbing proclivity for picking our pockets while simultaneously tearing away at the fabric of Spaceship Earth. As crew of this vessel, we have every right to mutiny.

It is past time for us to wrest the cold dead hands of the current captains of industry from the tiller. The time has come to change course, find our way to sustainability and stop the headlong run into the meat grinder of environmental destruction. The only way our great grandchildren will be able to thank us for pulling back from the brink of destruction is for us to make better choices today so that they will have the chance to make a life for themselves in the future. Seriously consider the anthropological facts behind the myth of increased leisure. Technology cannot solve problems created by the adoption of earlier technologies that were sold to us as necessities without reconsidering the true costs of their use. Reject, Reduce, Re-use, Re-purpose, then when you run out of other options, Recycle! It is a mantra, if you can't refurbish or repair something, all it is good for are a few uses, then become trash. Gasoline is the ultimate in planned obsolesence, once it is used, you need to buy more, a single use product if ever there were one! Plastics and petroleum go hand in glove, the costs to the Earth grow by the day. We blew by peak oil so quickly, telephone poles looked like a picket fence.

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