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Sunday, May 20, 2012

This is what happens when prevailing winds try to push against the side of an invisible mountain, the high pressure ridge that exists over urbanized corridors.

The forest fires that spewed countless tons of soot and ash into the upper atmosphere are believed to be responsible, in part, for the darkening of the Greenland Ice Sheet. The darker surface absorbs much more solar radiation and has led to higher pressures and clear skies over the island as well. These factors are combining to accelerate the melting of the ice sheet. The natural world may seem to be independent of our actions, because we may believe that fires of this kind were common before humans began to interact with the ecology of the front ranges of the rocky mountains. In fact, the domino effects that we see today are the result of fifty to one hundred years of exploitation. Even in the most remote areas, the hand of man can be seen on the landscape. We may never connect all the dots, yet we can see the results of our actions all around us.

Please take the time to listen to  the planetary cries for change.

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